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Can a speeding ticket fine from 1989 in Ohio still be enforced 17 years later?

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In my experience, although the infraction may be taken off of your driving record, the amount of your ticket plus now interest and any fees associated with turning it over to collections will stay on your credit report if unpaid. Also if you had a DL in any other state that info would have been fowarded to them. If you try to obtain a DL in any other state you will also need to show proof of having paid the fine if your Dl was revoked due to non-payment and or a fail to app.. SO YES it can.

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If you get a dui after you get speeding ticket when you get you licensing back is the speeding ticket still on your recode?


Will a speeding ticket in MA affect NY drivers license?

When you get a speeding ticket, generally, points are added to your license. So yes, a speeding ticket that is out of state, will still effect your license.

How long does a police officer in Florida have to file a speeding ticket?

In the state of Florida, a police officer technically has five days to file a speeding ticket that they wrote. However this is not always the case and the court will still accept it even if it is filed later than that.

If a speeding traffic ticket is dismissed does it still effect your insurance?

No it does not.

If a cop does not sign a speeding ticket is it still valid?

No Stupid

Is a speeding ticket valid if the cop stops you 8 miles down the road from where he says you were speeding?

Yes it is because he still saw you speeding.

If you receive a citation for speeding but did not sign to acknowledge receipt can the ticket be dismissed?'ll still be held responsible for the ticket.

What happens if I move states and leave an unpaid speeding ticket in my previous state?

chances are you'll still have to pay for it later.... unless they decide to drop it, depending on how much the speeding ticket is. <><><> Agree. Most states have reciprocal agreements on drivers, and violations in other states. Better pay the fine.

If you pay a speeding ticket before your court date do you still have to pay the court cost?


If you are speeding in a construction zone and there are no workers present does your ticket still double?

Yes. It is still a construction zone workers or not.

Lost speeding ticket?

If you lost your speeding ticket, it is still very important that you take care of the fine. Contact your local police department or your local courthouse, whichever is more applicable in your town or city. One of them will know what to tell you to do next. The record still exists, and you can still access it.

Can you still pay a speeding ticket from last year?

There might be a warrant out for your arrest for an outstanding ticket, so it's in your best interest to pay it.

If you get a dismissed speeding ticket will it stay on your driving record still?

Yes, but the fact that it was dismissed will also appear.

Old speeding ticket in Alaska and live in Michigan how do i pay this?

contact the court, They may require you to appear. If you still have the ticket for reference, you can pay it via mail.

You just got a speeding ticket in TX but you still have MD drivers license If you change your drivers license tomorrow before the ticket gets on the record do you still have to pay for it?

Of course you will still have to pay for it. And the ticket is probably already in the system and will appear when you go for the new license.

What happens if you get a photo radar speeding ticket while having a learners permit?

You will still have to pay. Otherwise nothing

What happen if police officer forgot to ask you sign on speeding ticket in Atlanta GA?

The Georgia speeding ticket is still valid. It is not required that you sign the ticket. If it is for less that 14 mph over the limit it is a no points ticket and most people just pay. If if is for more than that, you should consider hiring a Georgia Traffic Attorney. See the link for more information on Georgia speeding tickets and the new Georgia superspeeder law.

Will a speeding ticket with no points 5 mph on expressway still carry insurance points from a carrier?

did you ask for court suppervision

What if the statute of limitations of a speeding ticket is reached can they still do something about it?

Once a ticket has been issued, a statute of limitations will no longer apply. The time the jurisdiction may collect is set by the city or town.

If you receive a speeding ticket for 5 over and there are no points will your insurance still go up?

no,it will not go up for many different unknown reasons

How many points for a 5 over speeding ticket?

Answer: Depends on what state. In California, it's still 1 point 5 or 15 over.

How long will a speeding ticket stay on your record in Iowa?

5 years before a speeding ticket in Iowa is removed from your MVR. And , an accident shows up on your MVR as an accident , with NO details . So , no matter if you hit a deer , or had a mahor accident involving injuries, the record still shows only "accicent" .

Will insurance cover you with one speeding ticket and two accidents?

Sure they will, Question will be, how much will it cost you. It would certainly be better for you if the accidents were on record at the DMV as not your fault; the speeding is no big deal, everybody has a speeding ticket or you ain't human. And it would be better if they weren't all in the same week. I just switched to progressive and I had an accident and two tickets, and my rate is still very reasonable. Phil

If I live in Connecticut and get a speeding in Louisiana and don't plan to return to LA do I still have to pay that ticket?

Yes. If you do not pay the ticket a warrent will be placed against you and will be on your license. The next time you get checked for anything on your license it will show up.

Do points from a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania transfer to your Maryland driving record?

If you receive a traffic ticket for a speeding violation in Pennsylvania do not transfer to your Maryland driving record. Despite the fact that these points do not transfer, your insurance premiums can still be raised.