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One can sue for almost any reason, whether or not the lawsuit will be heard or if heard result in a positive way for the plaintiff is always questionable. It is highly unlikely that a suit based upon such a matter would be of merit. Many companies have policies that address relationships between all personnel. However, it is not the responsibility of a company to monitor the morals of their employees in such personal matters. If such were the case, the civil courts would be even more backlogged than they are already. The injured spouse could consider filing a civil suit against the marital intruder, but that also is an "iffy" situation. Given the moral attitude in today's society courts are reluctant to become involved in such matters. There could be a small chance of success if the injured spouse divorced the unfaithful spouse and sought recovery of financial damages that were not addressed in the dissolution agreement. The court does not extend its sympathy to those who will not help themselves. In other words, if the couple are still married, forget about it. Answer The company has nothing to do with the affair--the two people involved are the ones responsible. Searching elsewhere for someone to blame would be fruitless. Either stay with the partner you are married to, or leave if you both cannot resolve the issue together. Most companies have a policy where disruptions in the workplace can result in one or both of the people being fired. If you are the hourly employee and have the personal impression that this was required to keep the job, then perhaps some civil action would be reasonable.

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Q: Can a spouse sue a company for allowing an affair between a manager and an hourly employee?
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