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Can a spouse sue his wife for abandoment?

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No. A person Female or male can live with whom and where they like.

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A person cannot sue their spouse for breach of marriage contract. They can however sue them for divorce and end the contract of marriage.

No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.No you cannot sue your spouse on that ground. However, you can divorce him.

It is either. If you are the husband your spouse is your wife. If you are the wife your spouse is your husband.

Yes, you can sue your spouse for personal injury during a divorce. You can sue as long as you received a personal injury caused by your soon to be ex spouse.

SC allows for divorce on the grounds of "willful desertion for one year"

I live in California and I never heard some cases about a spouse suing the spouse because of affair or cheating. The only way a spouse might get in trouble is when and if his having an affair and not supporting his children under age. But for a wife getting in trouble because of her cheating, it will be hard.

No, you cannot sue their spouse. You may be able to sue the estate, particularly if the estate was enriched by the crime. Cases of embezzlement come to mind as a possibility.

Yes, its called sue for divorce!

I don't think they can sue you but, they can get affairs and divcores.

Sue for divorce, yes. Sue the other party for alienation of affection.

Yes you can sue your spouse over money, that is if he is not giving you money properly, or if he is waisting it on drinks, gambling , and sex.

An abandoned spouse can sue the abandoning spouse for support (depending upon the circumstances; are there any children?) but in many cases, that doesn't help. Certainly you can sue for divorce. Take care of yourself.

Not if you are still married.

Spouse means husband or wife, as in a man and his spouse or a woman and her spouse

No, it is not a verb. Spouse is a noun (a husband or wife).

Your husband or wife is your spouse.

No your wife is your spouse, Your kin is your children.

A husband cannot sue his wife for embezzlement of their joint property. He also can't sue her if she embezzled from someone else.

Historically, wife refers to a married woman in relation to her partner in marriage, her husband. A gender neutral term is spouse. In modern usage wife may refer to the role taken on by one spouse in a same sex marriage.

It means partner husband/wife

if the wife owned a home prior to marriage and the spouse signed non vested spouse. does the home still belong only to the wife.

An ex-wife ceases to be a spouse the moment they become an ex-, so no.

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