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That is decided by the LENDER.

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Q: Can a spouse with good credit cosign a student loan for their spouse with bad credit?
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Can you cosign if you are unemployed?

That is not likely because you wouldn't be a good credit risk.

Can your parents cosign for your house loan?

Anyone can if they have enough good credit. Relationship to you has no bearing.

Can you cosign multiple loans?

yes, as long as your credit is good enough for the respective loans.

Can you co sign a student loan with bad credit?

In the USA, if the student loan is Federal like a Stafford or Perkins loan, then yes you can cosign with bad credit. If the student loan is a private student loan, then no, you must have good credit. Keep in mind, you should never take out private student loans out until you have used up Federal loans, grants, and scholarships. Private student loans have high interest rates and no benefits.

If you are sixteen can you get a loan for a car if you have somebody with good credit who will cosign for you?

Yes, that's the simplest way to do it.

Can a student get a student loan without a cosigner when they have bad credit and no job?

no you do have to have a cosigner with good credit in order to get a student loan.

If cosigner has a car loan already may she cosign for someone and be approved for that person and the cosigner has good credit?


Do you have to have good credit to get a student loan?

Probably not

Do you have to have any credit to cosign for an apartment lease?

Yes, that is the premise of having a cosigner. The person cosigning must have a reliable, acceptable level of income and a good credit history.

Can someone on social security benefit's cosign for a loan?

Yes, someone on the social security can be able to cosign for a loan. The person cosigning the loan however has to have good credit regardless of his availability on the social security benefit.

How do you add your spouse to your mortgage deed?

You will have to ask your banker. You can't always. The spouse's credit may not be good enough.

Can a person with bad credit cosign for a car loan?

I don't think so. The reason for a cosign is because the person buying the car has bad credit and the cosigner is a guarantee to the bank the loan will be paid. Two bad credit reports doesn't equal one good one. Since you have credit problems I wouldn't sign because that will add to your debt ratio to income and actually harm your credit.

Does repaying student loans build good credit?


If your parents are in bankruptcy and you need a student loan can your grandmother cosign if she is on Social Security and disability?

my aunt receives social security benefits as her only source of income and she was able to co-sign on my student loan. they are basically looking for someone with good credit and some sort of income.Your grandmother will be fine to co-sign.

Do you have to be a relative to cosign? father cosigned for me,but the bank told me that anybody could cosign..good luck to you.

What are the benefits of acquiring a student credit card?

A student Credit card can be good if they are overseas or if they need emergency cash. They can also make a student more responsible and learn to handle money.

Can your spouse assume your deceased parent's mortgage?

If your spouse has a good credit record that lender should approve. However, you will need to discuss it with the lender.

What are the advantages to having a student credit card over a standard one?

student credit cards and other credit based items such as student loans - Students: apply online fast with a credit card company of your choosing when you feel you are educated and ready. A college credit card can be a student's first step in building good creditA student's first step in obtaining a credit card is to become educated about wise credit usage.

What lenders will give a 'close to prime' auto loan rate if one has good credit but their spouse has bad credit?

Only the lender can answer this.

How can you get a bank lown at 20 years old?

you need to get someone with good credit who trusts you and is willing to cosign for the loan, meaning they will cover the payments if you screw up.

Where could one finance automobile purchases with a good interest rate on their loan?

The best way to receive a good interest rate on your loan is to either have a good credit score or have someone cosign with a good credit score. You can usually receive the best rates with banks or credit unions that you have been a member of for a prolonged period of time.

Can a bankrupt person cosign a loan I have a good credit score but not enough income. My father makes over 100k a year but got over his head with credit cards. Is he still able to cosign my loan?

Anyone the lender accepts can be a cosigner...that is entirely the lenders choice. However, they naturally want someone more qualified, having a higher credit score, than the primary. Your father likely does not.

Can you cosign for a car while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.

Can you cosign for person arrested in another state?

NOT a good idea.

If you're currently unemployed and your fiance wants to cosign and make the payments on a used car but he lost his license due to a DWI can he still cosign for you?

Whether he lost his licence doesn't matter. What matters is that he is making money and is able to pay if you default on the loan. It also helps if he has good credit.