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AnswerNot if it concerns the minor female, as stepparents have no legal authority over stepchildren.

The exception for a non biological parent to have legal rights to a child is if that person had legally adopted the child.

The stepfather might be able to get a no contact order against the person for himself and/or keep the person from entering his property depending upon how the ownership of the property is established.

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Q: Can a stepfather file a restraining order against his 17-year-old daughter's boyfriend if the biological mother does not agree to it?
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If Im 16 and your boyfriend is 20 can your stepfather put a restraining order against your boyfriend if he didnt harm you in any way?

No he cannot, he isn't your biological father and your boyfriend hasn't done anything wrong

Can a seventeen year old stepdaughter fight a restraining order put against her eighteen year old boyfriend by her stepfather?

No, but when you turn 18 you can request that the court lift the order.

What would your boyfriend be to your kids?

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What to do if your boyfriend wont give you space?

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Can a stepdad have a restraining order placed on the 21-year-old boyfriend of his 17-year-old stepdaughter without permission from the biological mother?

If he is naming the minor involved as the reason for the order, then no, he would not be able to do so as he is not the biological parent. However, if he is placing the order for himself and the protection of his property then he has every legal right to take the action. Therefore if the minor lives in a home that is owned by the stepfather the young man in question would be barred from the residence if the order was granted.

Can a dad get a restraining order against his daughters boyfriend He's trying to get back at her for moving to my moms. Her boyfriend has done NOTHING wrong...?

Techically he can't get a restraining order against the boyfriend because it would probably be against the law.

Can a parent file a restraining order against their child's boyfriend?


How to get abusive boyfriend out of daughters house?

Call the police and/or get a restraining order.

Can mother get a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend if both the daughter and the boyfriend are eighteen?

Only if the boyfriend is a disturbance to the mother because the daughter and boyfriend are both adults.

Is your boyfriend stalking you?

If he's stalking you, then he isn't your boyfriend. If it's a problem, tell him to stop. If he refuses, then get a restraining order.

Will your boyfriend be violating the restraining order because you work at the same place?

Probably yes. _______ The more important question here is why would one still refer to a person with an active restraining order as their boyfriend.

How do I get a restraining order on my ex boyfriend in riverside CA?

You will need to contact the police or the courts to get restraining order against an ex in Riverside, CA.

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