Can a teacher love his student and should this relationship continue?



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Teachers can care about a students well being. Love is a strong emotion for a teacher to have with a student. If your talking elem or high school, that is something that never should be done. A teacher is a mentor, a person to whom children look to as a role model. To overstep that boudary because of the authority of teacher has is a something that should not be done.Your question does not give much informantion. Affection for someone can come in many forms but this relationship is one that belongs having boundarys.


The above answer is absolutely correct. Teachers have a responsibility of educating the students and it should be done on a professional level. Caring for the students is one thing (which I think is admirable), but having a deep love for the student where a relationship can evolve is something else. We've all seen the results of the Mary Kay Letourneaus' and Debra Lafave's. Most all public schools have strict policies concerning this type of behavior.