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Teachers can care about a students well being. Love is a strong emotion for a teacher to have with a student. If your talking elem or high school, that is something that never should be done. A teacher is a mentor, a person to whom children look to as a role model. To overstep that boudary because of the authority of teacher has is a something that should not be done.Your question does not give much informantion. Affection for someone can come in many forms but this relationship is one that belongs having boundarys.


The above answer is absolutely correct. Teachers have a responsibility of educating the students and it should be done on a professional level. Caring for the students is one thing (which I think is admirable), but having a deep love for the student where a relationship can evolve is something else. We've all seen the results of the Mary Kay Letourneaus' and Debra Lafave's. Most all public schools have strict policies concerning this type of behavior.

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Why should a teacher be a student?

A teacher should be a student because a teacher also learns from the students

Should a teacher rebuke a student for illegible writing?

The teacher should encourage the student to write more legibly. So, yes, a teacher should correct a student if they are not writing legibly.

Should you tell your instructor you like him?

No. That will violate the strict teacher, student relationship. It makes things too complicated.

Can a university student go out with a secondary school teacher?

Yes it is acceptable and quite normal because it is very different from a student and teacher dating relationship. You're both mature. If however this relationship should take place in Michigan, tread carefully. Under Michigan state law, literally, if the university student was ever a student in the district where the secondary teacher works, the teacher can be prosecuted under Michigan's Sex Offender laws.

What should one do when they're attracted to their teacher from private tuition - How should this be handled?

If you are attracted to your teacher it is probably best to try ignore it, making any further endeavours towards this sort of relationship is both harmful to you and your teacher. A teacher who is seen to have any personal interest in a student can risk losing their jobs, and this would only occur if the feelings you feel are reciprocated; it is highly likely that the teacher does not feel attracted towards you as they view you as their student. If you were to pursue any further relationship than teacher/student then this could end in awkwardness or tension within your 'working' relationship.

You are a teacher when a student is in a problem a teacher should help them?

Did you help me or not

Why should you be a teacher?

a teacher molds the minds of the students. a teacher makes a great impact to the lives of the students entrusted to him. without a teacher no one can become a professional. a teacher also is imparting to the student what the student should know and should not know at times.

Student teacher narrative report intro?

A narrative report introduction from a student teacher should provide information on what the experience she was given. A student teacher should also include what she learned from her field experience in a narrative report.

How you know that your girl student loves you?

Well first of all it's illegal to have a student/teacher relationship... and secondly you should wait until she graduates because you could get into a lot of trouble if you make a move on her while she is your student

Why co-operation is important to teacher from student?

The student should observe the class to order. You should also carry out assignments thatthe teacher has set.

How do you promote a good student-to-student relationship?

Have the students work together in a group. If the students are of the same capability and are compatible they should hit it off quite well. If a student asks a question to the teacher, tell the student to ask his fellow classmates for an answer and see how he does.

What you expect from your teacher?

1st and the important thing is that teacher should understand the psychology of the students.And it is obvious that the teacher should have an over all knowledge of her respective subject.A teacher should understand the problem of a student..every student doesn't come under same category.Every student belongs to different family bg. Teacher should not be partial.This behavior of a teacher may create space in between a student and a teacher.A role of a teacher is equivalent to the role of a mother. So it is very important for a teacher to maintain this pure relation honestly.

Can a teacher yell at a student?

Physically, yes. If a teacher has vocal cords, he or she should be able to yell. Legally, I am pretty sure that a teacher could yell at a misbehaving student.

How do you write a farewell speech to the teacher by 4th standard student?

A farewell to a teacher should be written either by a student or a co-worker. The speech should recognize the teacher for his or her hard work and what he or she has done for students over the years.

What should a teacher do when a student have fever in the class room all of sudden?

You should immediately send the student to the school nurse.

How is the communication between teacher and student?

There should be mutual respect.

Is Relationship between teacher and student is allowed in Islam?

I think it depends. I take it you're talking about a male teacher-female student relationship? As long as the relationship is strictly Islamic and conducted in a business-like manner (i.e. not getting overly or unnecessarily flirtatious with them) , then I should think that there is no harm. The main rule here is caution - try your level best that you are not in a room alone with them as this then becomes un-Islamic, as various situations may occur which may be deemed inappropriate. This also applies likewise, with a female teacher and a male student. Hope I helped!

Should you continue your relationship with a married man to whom you had kids with him and he cheated on his wife and their kids and does not give financial support to them and he also has bad credit? should not continue your relationship with him.

What to do about a long-distance relationship?

Well, if you care enough for that person to continue the relationship then that's what you should do. If you feel you cannot continue the relationship because of the distance you should talk to that person and see how you feel about it.

What are the effects of teacher motivation on performance?

the teacher should be tolk to thier student to show them is interest and car about them

How do you ask your teacher for sex if your a guy?

You should not do that. In most states it is illegal for a teacher and student to have sexual relations.

Why student who involved in relationship should be punished?

The only reason I can think is that the student is there to focus on their studies and being in a relationship would be a large distraction

What should a teacher do to a student who comes late?

In my opinion, I think a teacher should mete out a punishment for a student who comes late. But it depends on what the student's reason, maybe for the first time, the teacher can let him off but if he keeps repeating it, you should take action immediately. Reason is because if the teacher does not punish the student, the student might think that the teacher is not going to punish him/her for not coming in punctually and once he has this mindset, this will become a habit. So its best to punish them so as to teach them the right thing because coming in late might caused the student to miss out on alot of things.

How can a teacher handle a weak student?

A teacher can a handle a weak student by encouraging them to be a better student. The teacher shouldn't focus so much on the child's weakness, but focus on the child's strengths. Give that child positive reinforcement. The child probably believes he or she is a weak student and therefore, may be behaving under what he or she thinks a weak student should do. The child just needs to believe that he or she is in many ways, a strong student; not just a strong student, but a strong person. The teacher should be patient with that student. The teacher should also not forget about the child's weaknesses. The teacher should uncover that child's weaknesses and help those weaknesses by utilizing the child's strengths to deal with them. Even if it takes one-on-one time, the teacher should do whatever he or she can do to let that child know that he or she is in a least restrictive environment. The child should not feel as though he or she is totally different from the rest of the students in a bad way. They should know that everyone is different and that those differences make us who we are.

What are the required education to become a teacher?

Trainings are nessessary for a teacher. teaccher should have a good knowledge about a subject. teacher should know the need of a child/student and can understand psychological.