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The short answer is no. The only things you can do are: 1. In a mature manner, ask to go to family counseling. 2. Stop doing whatever you've been doing that caused the divorce. Best of luck. Answer No, it's not up to you.


Keep in mind that it is extremely rare for a teen to have much fault in it when their parents divorce. They may FEEL responsible, but the truth is that it's normally exclusively a matter of what is going on between the parents.


Wanting parents to get divorced to make your life easier sounds rather selfish. Certainly if the conflict between the parents is making your life hard, it may seem like an easy solution to the problem, but you may be unpleasantly surprised to find out that it doesn't necessarily improve things.

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Q: Can a teen make her parents get a divorce if that would make her life easier?
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If you are talking about your parents to teens or children of any age this can be a trauma. Most children don't want their parents to divorce. The pros are if the parents are always arguing in front of the children; there is abuse then this can teach the child abusive behavior. Neither of these two ways of life are good for children and it's best for the parents to divorce and share custody of the children. After divorce some parents even become good friends.

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the onset of divorce can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome. Children are always aware of what is going on in the home, and they are generally aware that they have no control over the divorce. Honestly it depends on the child, just because there parents got one doesn't mean they have to lead that life and follow in their footsteps..

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Why do you not want to listen to your mom and dad?

People don't listen to their parents. People don't listen to their parents because the kids think that they can rule their parents, but they can't.Answer:It is part of most teenagers to be rebellious in an attempt to find themselves and who they are, when they grow up they will look back at their life and wish they had payed more attention to their parents and what they were telling them. Your parents just want to help and it would make your life a lot easier if you just listened to them.

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What do you do when your parents get divorced?

I know it's hard when my parents got a divorce. I went to my favorite teachers' and talked about it. Or you could go to your older siblings if you have any and talk about it. There are lots of people you could go to such as guidance counselors, other family members, friends, or even your own parents. Its ok to feel sad because your life is changing. You might move to a new house when your parents get a divorce. Maybe you might not see one parent as much as you used to. But it's important to know that whatever reason your parents are getting a divorce, it has nothing to do with you. It's not your fault and your parents still love you.

What are the duties and responsibilities of children towards their parents?

NO RULES. nuff' said. ^^ no, duties and responsibilities can be anything basically. For example chores. if the parents are always busy and need help around the house chores would be a good idea. mainly, their duty is to be an obedient child and be able to make life easier for the parents