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Can a teenager be fired from a job while pregnant?


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It would be considered discrimination.


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If you are blogging while on the clock at your job, yes.

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Why did the skeleton get fired from his job? The answer to this riddle is: He got fired because he didn't have a back-bone!

While she was a teenager she had a job at a soda fountain and a burger stand at the fair.

You can collect on short term disability while pregnant after your doctor indicates that you are unable to perform your job duties.

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Those who get fired leave the job because the boss demands it.

If you are fired from job then don't be sad. keep trying hard and once you will sure get success.

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well it depends on the job. if the job is being a student, then yes you are fired if you drop out of high school.

You should look in the internet for a teenager job or you can find a teenager job in your newspaper of your town. Also you can ask a friend who has a job.

yes i got time of my job and i still got payed!!!!

P!nk's first job was at McDonalds, but she got fired because she used to eat the burgers while she worked. ;)

job loss is when you lose your job or get fired same thing.

In the US, you can be fired for just about anything as long as it doesn't constitute discrimination, so yes, you could be fired for smoking on the job (or for complaining about smoking on the job; your question wasn't entirely clear).

You should put down that you were fired and state the reason for why you were fired.

It depends on your job. Some bosses don't care like maybe at a construction site while at other jobs you could be fired for so much as saying 'crap'.

You could list what you learned as a result of being fired, or what you learned while on the job.AnswerIf you worked there for quite some time before being fired, then list the job on your application. If it was a short while and you weren't ever comfortable there, just leave it off of the application.Now, if it was a significant piece of your work history, put it on the application, show contact as available at interview. Then, without criticizing the company, find a positive way to explain what you learned, or the skills you gained. Practice the phrasing and how you say it, so that you sound positive and confident-sometimes it is traumatic to have been fired, and you don't want to show that.

Don't say "fired" when explaining why you left a job. Use something neutral, such as "better job opportunity," or "returned to school."

They can't take something that belongs to you, but you should not be making personal calls while on the job. You could be fired for that.

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