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The legal age of majority in all but four states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19 and in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21.

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Q: Can a teenager move out at 17?
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Can a pregnant teenager move out if shes 17?

NO! what kind of person are you? gosh

Can a teenager move out their parents house at age 17 in Roanoke Virginia?

Yes with parental consent.

In Maine can you move out at the age of 14 and in with your 17 year old boyfriend?

No you can not move out in Maine at 14 years as you have just stepped into your teens and your boyfriend is also a teenager and is 17 years.This is dangerous.

What is the Georgia law for a 17 year old teenager moving out?

A 17 year old can't move out in the state of Georgia without a parents consent. If the 17 year old is married they can then move out since they are considered to be an adult.

Can a teenager move out at age 17 in Maine?

The legal age of majority is 18. If you're 17 you need parental consent or to be legally emancipated.

How do you get a teenager to move in with another teenager on sims 2?

You can't.

Can a teenager in Missouri move out of their home and cross the state lines at 17?

No, and once you cross lines you're then dealing with federal laws.

Can a 17-year-old teenager move out of her parents' house in Las Vegas Nevada?

The legal age of majority in the state of Nevada is eighteen (18).

Can a 17 year old pregnant teenager move out of parents house without permission?

An unemancipated 17-year-old, even a pregnant one, is subject to the control and authority of their parents. So, the answer to your question is no.

What age can a teenager move out of his parents home in Georgia?

Because you can go to jail in Georgia at age 17, you can leave home at 17, and the police cannot force you to return, but you cannot be kicked out until age 18.

Can a teenager legally move out at the age of 16 in Alabama?

yes if they get emacipated but that costs money and can take a long time.

In Missouri when can a teenager be on his or her own?

17 no

How old is Teenager link?

About 17.

What age can a teenager move out in DallasTexas if the teenager is 17 years old and 8 months without the parents consent?

The law is commonly mis-interpreted due to law enforcements unwillingness to deal with the increasing number of 17 year old youth. In Texas a minor child can leave home only after age 18 has been reached without parental consent.

How do you get the parents to move back in with their teenager in Sims 2?

You can work hard to make the relationship between the adult and the teenager high before asking them to move in or you can conbine there housholds

Is a 17 year old a child?

A 17 year old is not a child, they are a teenager and still a minor.

When is a parent no longer responsible to a teenager in Texas?

when they move out.

Can a teenager move out of their parents' house at the age of 16?


What is the legal age that a teenager can move out of their parents house in the state of Florida with or without parental consent?

What is the legal age that a teenager can move out of their parents house in the state of Florida with or without parental consent?"

Can you move out if your age is 17 years?

For any teenager to move out under the age of 18, you must either clear it with your parents and go to court and get emancipated. Some state though, such as Idaho, do not allow teenagers to be emancipated, before talking to your parents, learn your states laws and what you will have to have to be emancilpated

Can you abandon an eighteen year old teenager in New York state?

You have to go through the law to have the teenager removed as though she was a tenant. They will give the teenager a set amount of time to move out.

Can a teenager move out at age 15 in Maine?

In Maine a teenager can be emancipated at age 16 and they must have a reason and be able to support themselves. A teenager can move out at a younger age if the are being sexually, mentally, or physically abused. In this situation a family member or grandparent would need to step in with the police

How can a teenager move out in Washington state without being emancipated?

You can

Is a 17 year old female teenager supposed to weigh 218?


What is the average height of a 17 year old teenager?

around 180cm