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Can a timing chain jump on a 1996 beretta If so how can i fix it?

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yep, ya gotta go in and reset or replace it. good luck

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Could timing chain jump when press down hard on the gas pedal?

Yes, if the timing chain or gears are worn, acceleration can cause the chain to jump.

Could crossed wires cause timing to jump?

No. A worn timing chain or belt would cause timing to jump.

What could cause your car to jump timing?

Timing chain or belt is broken

Does 2001 Grand am 2.4 liter have timing belt or timing chain?

They have a timing chain, and it IS a interference engine. So read-up before you jump in!

What causes the timing to jump on a 1978 Dodge 318 motor?

Worn timing chain.

Do you have to replace timing chain on Lincoln LS?

If the timing chain on your Lincoln LS is worn out then it should be replaced. A worn out timing chain can jump a link, or more, and the engine will ultimately not be able to run. Normally the timing chain will last the life of the engine.

What could make timing jump on a suzuki marauder vz800?

Loose timing chain or belt.

Can the timing chain and gears on your 1999 4.3l Chevy s10 jump timing?

Possible but probably not.

What causes the timing on your 1989 Mazda 2.2 4 cylinder truck to jump from timing mark 1 to timing mark 3?

I would suspect you need a new timing chain or belt depending on which is installed. A worn belt or chain will jump time.

What causes the timing mark to jump back and forth a couple degrees when you are checking ignition timing?

A sloppy worn timing chain.

At what mileage should you change the timing chain on a 2001 Dodge van 3500 59 liter engine?

A timing chain normally will last as long as the engine. Signs of a failing timing chain are chain noise and or engine that continues to jump time.

Engine cranks but wont start backfires through throttlebody?

Valve timing off, timing chain jump.

Does loose timing chain cause Chevy 88 305H to not start?

A loose timing chain can cause the 305 h to jump time. with improper time, the engine will not start.

How do you tell if 2000 2.2 s10 has jumped timing?

Highly doubtful, the engine has a timing chain and the ignition relies on a crank sensor for timing. But if the chain did jump you could probably tell by doing a compression test.

What causes vehicle to jump time?

If you have a worn timing chain that hasnt been changed before, that can cause the timing to jump and cause your car to run very rough or not run at all

How can you tell if the timing Cain has a problem?

most commely you will have excessive noise from the chain. i suppose it is possible for timing to jump with excessive slack, but in my experience( master bmw tech. ) i have never seen any timing chain problems. good luck.

How do you know if your timing chain skipped a tooth?

if timing chain has skipped a tooth, the car will run like crap. you would also hear rattling coming from timing chain area as chain is loose and stretched for it to jump a tooth. more likely to have lost a tooth off one of the timing gears. also u will not be able to time the engine correctly in this condition

What are symptoms of a bad timing chain?

Noise coming from the area of the chain and in severe cases it will jump a tooth and the engine will run very badly with no power.

Jump started v6 1994 camaro now it skips bad what to do?

Depending on HOW you jump started it..........did you do it with cables or did you get get the car rolling and pop the clutch? If you popped the clutch it may have made the timing chain on the front of the engine jump a tooth and now your timing is off.

What happens when the timing chain is going out?

redo the timing or replace the whole kit - I might add that replacing the entire timing chain as a kit is what you would do when you find out that the timing chain is bad. The question was what happens when the timing chain is going out? 1. It may get or be harder to start the engine 2. The engine performance will be down 3. The ignition and cam timing will be unstable 4. The engine has a greater potential to "jump" timing or become mistimed. This could lead to bent valves and other problems which are more expensive to fix.

How do you know if the timing jumped in your 1998 Chevy s-10?

Not sure what engine you have but it is highly unlikely the timing would jump being that it is driven by a chain. If it was to jump it probably wouldn't start and possibly backfire in the attempt to start.

Where can the oil be leaking from on 1993 Grand Am sohc when coming from top of timing chain cover in the triangle shape space Severe oil leak there How do you fix Can chain jump time due to this?

The upper oil seal on the cam is leaking. It probably wont jump time due to this but the timing belt may be damaged by the oil.

Does a 00 Skoda felicia 1.3 glxi have a timing chain or timing belt?

A 2000 Skoda Felicia 1.3 mpi has a timing chain. Not a timing belt. A timing chain. So buying a used felicia and not replacing it is not actually risky, as with a car with a timing belt. The chain of course will also develope 'slack', so it is a good idea to change it after so many klms, and/or if it as gotten too noisy. The possibility of the chain breaking is very very very slim. It WILL develope some slack though, and might jump a tooth, worsening performance and fuel economy. Parts are cheap for the felicia.

Why would your 1985 chevy k10 350 keep jumping time?

The only way your engine could "jump time" would be if there was a timing chain problem. Step one would be to remove the timing chain cover and see what's going on.

Will a loose timing chain cause misfires?

If it is loose it can jump time which will cause poor performance. If it is loose it needs to be repaired immediately.