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As long as the flexplate is the same size or has additional mounting holes.

To add to this answer in depth. i changed from a 350 to a 454. the 454 had a th400 transmission and the 350 had a th350 transmission. (This was a 4x4 so we had to use the th350 transmission because it had a married transfer case)the th400 flywheel did NOT match the th350 torque converter. We installed the th400 converter and it fit perfect in the th350 transmission. I would make sure torque converter bolts to flywheel and as well fits into trasmission before attempting to install in vehicle. It is a huge pain to make the swap half way through the install.

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Q: Can a torque converter out of a 350 Chevy work on a 396 Chevy big block?
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Will a 350 or 400 torque converter work in a powerglide?

A 350 or 400 torque converter will not work on a Powerglide transmission due to differences in design. All are somewhat similar but come in different sizes and connections.

What is the Chevy big block main cap torque sequence?

Start in the middle, and work your way out, in a circular pattern. First, go half torque, then full, turning the crankshaft by hand after each cap.

How expensive is it to replace the torque converter and valve body on a 2000 Chevy venture?

if you do all the work yourself, around $350 in parts. mechanic shop labor will be another $1000

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Will turbo 350 torque converter work in 700r4?

Everything I've heard, no they will not...

Will the cylinder heads from a 1986 Chevy 350 work for a 1987 Chevy 350?

Answer The 86 Chevy block and the 87 Chevy block are the exact same block, nothing changed, it will fit perfectly.yes

Will a turbo 350 torque converter work in a turbo 400?

yes a 350 turbo converter will fit a 400 turbo and vice versa

How does a 350 small block Chevy work?

With gasoline

What torque converter will work on a Baja Warrior mini bike?

I have 1984 Chevy pick up with a 250 straight six upgrading to a 350 small cam v8 engine. the truck currently has a 700r4 trans. will this trans and torque converter work for the v8 up grade?

The trans will bolt directly to the 350,but you will need a new torque converter. I had a Nova with the same set-up because the guy who had it before me blew the original trans and replaced it with a 700r4 from a Camaro. The Nova now has a 350 with that trans, but like I said new torque converter. you dont have to buy a new torque converter just use the straight six fly wheel on your v8

Will a starter from a Chevy small block work for a Chevy big block?

Yes. But, here is a bit of closely gaurded information for you. The starters that require a spacer to bolt up the selenoid to that arm that just sticks out of the starter, as opposed to the ones that do not require the spacer. The ones that do, are a higher torque model, or big block version. That is why that arm is further out. Bigger armature.

On a 93 Oldsmobile Cutless Cierra the lockup torque converter doesn't work Why?

low fluid level

Why would your overdrive off button not work?

Check for a blown fuse for the tcc (torque converter control).

Does the power steering pulley on a small bock Chevy work on a big block Chevy?


Why does car lose acceleration uphill?

Automatic transmissions lose acceleration driving uphill because of the torque converter. The engine turns one side of the torque converter and the other side is splined into the input set of the planetary gears. The torque converter uses fluid to turn the input shaft in the transmission. When the transmission is locked into gear and going uphill the torque converter has to work against power losses from the tires on the road and when the engine is working harder the torque converter cuts or "shears" the fluid and it causes the transmission to overheat. Always make sure you have enough fluid in the transmission

Can you take the water pump off a 350 Chevy and put it on a 454 Chevy big block?

NO it will not work.

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How do you install the four large torque converter nuts in a ford focus 2005 ZX4?

Ratchet wrenches work well.

Will Chevy LT1 cylinder heads work on a 350 block?

lt1 is a 350

What is the correct way to torque 1994 heads on a 1976 283ci Chevy block?

Start in the center and work your way clockwise in a circular pattern toward the ends. Not that it matters, but they stopped building 283's around 1968.

What causes a Chevy Trailblazer transmission to overheat?

Three problems I know of are one not changing and/or checking fluid level and if you do alot of hauling the more weight the warmer the fluid get and finally the more shifting you do (mostly city driving) the warmer the fluid Make sure your lockup torque converter is functioning. It has to work in overdrive or it will overheat. When your torque converter locks up, you have a mechanical link between the engine and rear end. When the lockup torque converter isn't applied, you are coupled from the engine to the rear end through fluid which can churn and overheat in steady driving in overdrive.