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Can a tourist file for a divorce while in California?


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You have to be a resident of CA for 6 months in order to file for divorce there.

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there is no waiting period in California for divorce. You don't have to be separated for any length of time in order to file for divorce.

An inmate can be served divorce papers while in a California prison from a spouse in Oregon. An attorney will need to be hired to file the paperwork in the state of Oregon.

A person on a tourist visa would not be eligible to file for divorce in the United States. The person would need to return to Mexico to file for a divorce according to the established laws.

You file wherever you live. Find a California lawyer and he will explain it to you.

An appeal of a divorce settlement in California is heard in front of the District Courts of Appeal. An attorney will need to file an appeal after the divorce has been granted.

Yes. It doesn't matter where he lives. You file for divorce wherever you live.

You file for divorce in the state where you're a legal resident, regardless of where you got married.

You can file for divorce in New Jersey as long as you or your ex-husband live there now. If not, then you can file in California or any state that either of you live. When a party to a marriage has moved it makes sense to try to file for divorce in the state you moved to because it is much more convenient! That being said, if your ex lives in another state make sure you file first if the location of the divorce is important to you.

Contact an attorney and file for divorce, just as you would if not incarcerated.

Yes. A person can file for divorce at any time during a marrage.

Dating while married if you are separated would be until you or your spouse file for a divorce.

Yes. Ask your chaplain for the forms.

You file for divorce in Louisiana. It matter not where a couple was married - you are not required to file for divorce in the state where you were married. I was married in California and filed for divorce in Arizona and it posed absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce and do the work himself while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

You file for divorce by filing for separation first. Then, after a set amount of time that varies by the state, you can file for divorce or serve divorce papers.

You would need to check with California Divorce Laws to see if after 6 months (or whatever time stipulation they have) in California you could file for Divorce there. It is who acts first that matters as they have the momentum and the jump in time on their side. You'll understand this more once you file for Divorce in California before he files in Florida. as long as you reside in California you can. but if you have children together, you must file in the county in which the child support and/or custody was originally filed. sometimes you can get a transfer. check with your local county on their laws. it's a matter of county laws, not state.

Yes. It does not matter where you were married. File for divorce is the state you are currently residing in.

You file for divorce in prison the same way you would file if you were not in prison. The main problem you have is availability of resources. Get a good friend to mail you everything you need. I would recommend a divorce kit from your local Office Max or Office Depot.

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