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only if they have a lien on the the title for any service that you have not paid for. its called a mechanics lien.

Even if they have a mechanics lien, they still have to notify the registered owner via certified mail, and give them a chance to pay the bill. You can't just get a title or magistrate's bill of sale without proof that you have done everything possible to contact the owner first. The owner has 30 days to contact the person that has the vehicle. If they don't, then the vehicle can be sold at a magistrates auction and will be given a title for the vehicle.

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Q: Can a towing company auction a vehicle without notifying its registered owner?
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Does a finance company have to auction a repossed car in Florida?

Yes, a finance company or a bank is required to send the vehicle to an auction to dispose of it.

Can a towing company auction a vehicle without notice?

No, unless offcource the company owns it.

How do you find out if your truck was moved before the lien sale date and kept by tow company. can the lien holder not put it up for auction after notifying vehicle owner of lien sale and date?

I guess the answer to this question is as unattainable as my truck seems to be. Thanks for trying. Lissa, owner of the vehicle

In pa when a vehicle is repossessed does the finance company have to tell you what their doing with the vehicle?

Usually, they do not have to tell you what they are about to do to your vehicle. But, the procedure is is that they will sell your vehicle in an auction.

How long does the finance company have to hold the vehicle before they can auction it off?

20 days.

When a vehicle has been repossessed and taken to the auction does Honda carry insurance on it?

Not only does Honda have insurance on the vehicle, so does the repossession company, the storage company, the transport company, and the aution agency.

is this vehicle currently registered?

is this vehicle currently registered?

What if your vehicle registration was suspended due to your insurance company not notifying the California Financial Responsibility Program?

Very simple, verify that the VIN that your insurance company has for the vehicle matches the VIN on the registration, then contact your agent or company and have them fax an ID Card (not a declarations page) to the DMV Financial Responsibility error.

How do you determine the state your vehicle should be registered in?

Your vehicle should be registered in the state you live in.

What license do I need for vehicle auction?

How do I get an auto auction licence? So I can buy cars at an auction.

Can someone remove a car from private property without asking owner to remove it himself not a repossession company?

The owner of the property where the vehicle is located can remove it/ have it removed, in most cases without the necessity of notifying the owner of the vehicle.

Is a cosigner liable for the balance of a repossessed vehicle if the loan company auctioned it without notifying them?

READ your contract you signed. Call a local attorney for state specific legal advice.

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