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Can a towing company auction a vehicle without notifying its registered owner?

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only if they have a lien on the the title for any service that you have not paid for. its called a mechanics lien.

Even if they have a mechanics lien, they still have to notify the registered owner via certified mail, and give them a chance to pay the bill. You can't just get a title or magistrate's bill of sale without proof that you have done everything possible to contact the owner first. The owner has 30 days to contact the person that has the vehicle. If they don't, then the vehicle can be sold at a magistrates auction and will be given a title for the vehicle.

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Does a finance company have to auction a repossed car in Florida?

Yes, a finance company or a bank is required to send the vehicle to an auction to dispose of it.

Can a towing company auction a vehicle without notice?

No, unless offcource the company owns it.

How do you find out if your truck was moved before the lien sale date and kept by tow company. can the lien holder not put it up for auction after notifying vehicle owner of lien sale and date?

I guess the answer to this question is as unattainable as my truck seems to be. Thanks for trying. Lissa, owner of the vehicle

In pa when a vehicle is repossessed does the finance company have to tell you what their doing with the vehicle?

Usually, they do not have to tell you what they are about to do to your vehicle. But, the procedure is is that they will sell your vehicle in an auction.

How long does the finance company have to hold the vehicle before they can auction it off?

20 days.

When a vehicle has been repossessed and taken to the auction does Honda carry insurance on it?

Not only does Honda have insurance on the vehicle, so does the repossession company, the storage company, the transport company, and the aution agency.

is this vehicle currently registered?

is this vehicle currently registered?

What if your vehicle registration was suspended due to your insurance company not notifying the California Financial Responsibility Program?

Very simple, verify that the VIN that your insurance company has for the vehicle matches the VIN on the registration, then contact your agent or company and have them fax an ID Card (not a declarations page) to the DMV Financial Responsibility error.

Is a company car a commercial vehicle?

NOT necessarily. A company owned passenger car that is intended for the personal transportation of company employees would not need to be registered as a commercial vehicle. However, a vehicle used to transport goods would be considered a commercial vehicle. This is common in the logistics and transport industries.

Can a towing company auction vehicles?

Yes, a registered tow truck operator can auction any vehicles that stay on their lot long enough to be filed in an AVR (abandoned vehicle report) the papers they get from state patrol function as a temporary title until the sale is complete Source: I work in a towing/impound office in Washington state

Can someone remove a car from private property without asking owner to remove it himself not a repossession company?

The owner of the property where the vehicle is located can remove it/ have it removed, in most cases without the necessity of notifying the owner of the vehicle.

How do you get a title from a auto auction that's out of business?

Depending on what state you live in and what state the auction company was registered in, you would need to contact the Department Of Motor Vehicles. If the company was reputable, they would have filed all of the necessary paperwork for the vehicles. Write ti them or call a customer service line ans start explaining and asking questions. They can tell an awful lot from the VIN Number of the vehicle in question. Good Luck.

What license do I need for vehicle auction?

How do I get an auto auction licence? So I can buy cars at an auction.

What are car insurance auctions?

If you wreck your vehicle, the insurance company pays you off and you give them the title for the vehicle. The insurance company then turns around and sends the vehicle to an auction (usually for dealers and wholesalers only) and sell it. Most of the time a salvage company will buy the car for parts and the insurance company can recoup some of their money.

Is a cosigner liable for the balance of a repossessed vehicle if the loan company auctioned it without notifying them?

READ your contract you signed. Call a local attorney for state specific legal advice.

Is it still possible to get your vehicle back after the repo has occurred?

In Canada the answer is yes if it is repossessed by a bank (or credit institution). Any car that is re-possessed by a bank or credit company has to be put up for auction. You can always get your vehicle back if you pay whatever arrears you owe the bank as well as the the fees that the bank had to pay to the repo company before it is sent to the auction house. However, you do need to act quickly. I have never heard of anyone getting their vehicle back once it is up for auction (and in Canada the auction companies used by banks are only open to car dealers).

You are in the military Can a vehicle be registered in one state but insured in another?

That question doesn't really make sense. Yes your vehicle can be registered anywhere you have place of residency but uhh insurance is who ever your insurance company is IE. USAA, State Farm.....

Is a law enforcement vehicle considered a commercial vehicle?

No. A commercial vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle used for public transportation or cargo transportation. Generally, A vehicle is designated "commercial" when it is titled or registered to a company. A taxi cab is a commercial vehicle. A police car is not.

When does a company vehicle need to registered in NJ?

the company would need to contact NJ MVC & request a corp code which is # similar to a driver license # but it is for your company instead of an individual person. after you get the corp code you can register your vehicle(s) in the company name, providing you have it insured 1st

You co-sign for a vehicle are you liable to pay the remaining balance of that vehicle if it was auction by the lien holder?

You are jointly liable with your other co-signer. The finace company can, and will, come after both of you.

What is the total no of registered motor vehicle in India in 2009?

What is the total no of registered motor vehicle in Mumbai up-to 2009?

Do you still owe money on a car in which they broke the ignition during repossession?

from akacastro: No, if you no longer want your car. The towing company is either a subcontractor of the Auction dealers who were contracted to eventually sell your car, or the lending institution. If you plan on reinstating your vehicle, the lending institution or AUCTION dealer or towing company is fully insured while the vehicle is in their care or possession.

What is salvag title?

When a vehicle is cassified as a total loss. The insurance company will sell it at auction to recoupe some of its money.Whoever buys it can rebuild it and have it inspected to get a new title.Now it is considered a rebuilt or "salvaged"vehicle.

Is it legal to have a vehicle registered and insured at your grandparents home address?

As long as it is where the registered owner of the vehicle legally resides it is legal.

Can the towing company force the owner to pick up the impounded car The owner abandoned it already?

The laws of towing and impounding vary from state to state. In Washington state, the towing company can not force anyone to redeem a vehicle from the impound lot. But after 21 days they can auction the vehicle to the highest bidder. The price that the vehicle sells for at the auction is deducted from the amount owed to the towing company. The balance DOES have to be paid by the registered owner, or it will be turned over to collections. Also according to RCW 46.55 the last registered owner of record is responsible for the fees of towing and storage of an abandoned vehicle. Failure to pay will result in a traffic infraction (failure to redeem) under 46.63. A lean will be placed against the registered owners license and any attempt to renew his or her license will denied until the deficiency and all penalties (collection fees) have been satisfied under RCW 46.63 and RCW 46.55.140. Once again these are Washington State laws, but most other states are similar to this. The other method used by some states is that the towing company is not required to auction the abandoned vehicle and after a certain amount of time, it is awarded to them as payment. These states usually to not permit the tow company to turn the balance over to collections and that would be the end of it. Once again you would need to check the towing and impounding laws of your particular state to find out for certain what their policy is.