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Only if the repossessor has an order for repossession of the trailer, as well. And even then, only under certain circumstances. If it's a commercial tractor trailer, and there's a load in that trailer, they may not take it, as the order of repossession does not cover the load, and they will face criminal charges if they do such.

In the course of repossessing a vehicle, the repossession agency may not enter or move any vehicle (including a trailer) which is not in their order for repossession. They may detach a trailer from a truck being repossessed, but they can't actually take it.

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Q: Can a truck be repossessed with a trailer hooked to it?
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Can a backhoe and trailer be taken with repossessed truck?

If they only have an order of repossession of the truck, then no. Otherwise, the trailer and backhoe would be considered stolen.

Can a repo man take a truck and trailer?

Most usually they are empowered to take items where you haven't made the payments. If both the truck and trailer were being repossessed, then you are stuck.

Can a trailer be taken that is attached to a truck being repossessed?

They can only take whatever it is they have an order of repossession for - if the trailer is not included in their order of repossession, they cannot take it.

What does the word semi truck mean and where does it come from?

It is a slang term for a Combination Vehicle meaning it is not a full truck just a partial until it is hooked to a trailer. It actually is a tractor and trailer combination.

If your workers truck was repossessed and he had your tools inside how do you get your tools back?

ask the guy that repossessed your workers truck for the tools that were in that truckask the guy that repossessed your workers truck for the tools that were in that truck

How do you know if your car was repossessed?

Contact your local PD. Repo men have to report your car when it is hooked to the tow truck. So there is no mistaken auto thefts

How can you buy a repossessed truck?

Go to bank or other place that repossessed the truck. Pay cash for it etc

What do you do once your car has been repossessed?

I have a welding machine on the truck they repossessed can they keep that?

How close can the trailer be to the truck?

What truck.

Can you drive a truck with trailer without cdl if under 26000lbs?

If the truck and trailer are not equiped with air brakes. If the truck and trailer are not comercial vehicals.

If a tractor is insured is the trailer that the tractor is hooked insured?

I would have to say no. I have a tractor that is insured the only thing that is insured is just that the tractor (fire theft etc). Although You can get your trailer insured just as you can an ATV horse trailer car truck if you had a policy for it. your tractor insurance will not help with the trailer.

You have the trailer hitch on the truck what else do you need?

a trailer

When entering a trailer with a lift truck does it have to be restraint?

The trailer must not be able to move when the fork truck enters and leaves the trailer. Therefore, the trailer must be restrained.

In South Carolina can your car be repossessed if a trailer is hooked up to it?

Yes, anything attached to the vehicle is consider additional property and can be returned to you upon your request...there may be additional storage fees. In the case of a trailer, the repossession agent is most likely to remove the trailer before securing the unit. If he is unable to and can make arrangements to take both, he may.

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New Jersey?

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New jersey?

After bankruptcy and no reafirm can you let your travel trailer be volentary repossessed with no loan bal to payeven if trailer was on bankruptcy list?


Does driving a truck with a flatbed trailer involve special training?

I want to be a truck driver. Is there special training involved to drive a truck with a flatbed trailer?

Are you still liable for the payments if your truck is repossessed in Alberta?

Yes you are

Can a trailer be detached from a truck by gravity?


How do you transport a cow?

Truck and trailer.

Trailer is to truck as what is to tugboat?


What is an articulated lorry?

An articulated lorry is a truck and trailer - a combination involving a tractor unit and a semi-trailer, known in the United States as a semi-trailer truck.

Is it legal to reposses a semi with someone else's trailer hooked to it?

The trailer must be disconnected and left in place. Otherwise, the repossessor can be charged for theft of the trailer.

What is the difference between straight truck and tractor trailer?

Straight truck is a single vehicle; i.e., there isn't a trailer in tow.

How can I get my repossessed truck back in Indiana?

The only way to get a repossessed truck back in the state of Indiana is to pay the balance owed. Sometimes, you can contact the lender and make arrangements to get the truck back without paying the whole amount.

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