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yes. I have 2 females Red-Eared Sliders each 21 years old and one has laid eggs every couple of years for at least the past 10 years

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What types of turtles lay unfertilized eggs?

red eared sliders sometimes lay unfertilized eggs.

Why did the family turtle lay an egg but shes the only one in the tank?

A female turtle can still lay eggs without the presence of a male. Either she will lay unfertilized eggs, or she has stored sperm from within the last five years and is still able to lay fertilized eggs.

Do you need a male turtle for the female to lay eggs?

yes you need too No. Female turtles can lay unfertilized eggs, the same as chickens. We have 2 female red ear sliders who lay eggs without a male.

Can a box turtle unfertilized egg hatch?

No, unfertilized eggs cannot hatch.

Can a lone turtle lay eggs if kept separated for 4 months?

Your question is some what unclear but I will try my best to answer it. A female turtle doesn't have to mate to lay eggs. So even a lone female turtle may lay unfertilized eggs. If an adult male and female turtle are kept together then they will mate. If the female doesn't have sand or dirt to lay her eggs in then she may lay her eggs in the water or on whatever land possible. If you know your turtle is pregnant and put her in an separate enclosure for 4 months then yes she probably will lay eggs in there.

Does a turtle lay eggs?

yes a turtle DOES lay eggs!!!

Do penguins lay unfertilized eggs?

Like most birds it is possible for penguins to lay unfertilized eggs but it doesn't happen very often.

How can fertilized and unfertilized eggs obtained?

Fertilized eggs happen when you have a rooster present. Hens will lay without a rooster, but the eggs are unfertilized.

Do hen lays unfertilized eggs?

Yes, hens often lay unfertilized eggs. In fact, all egg laying chickens that have not been mated by a rooster within the past ten days lay only unfertilized eggs.

Can a pet turtle lay eggs?

Yes, a pet turtle can lay eggs.

Do peahens lay unfertilized eggs?

yes if there is no male peacock to breed them they will still lay eggs and set on them

Do birds lay unfertilized eggs?

Yes they do - that's how we get the eggs we use ourselves - they are unfertilised eggs.

How often do Red Eared Sliders lay unfertilized eggs?

Once a decade usually or even a century! Just joking! They lay unfertilized eggs about 10 times in 2 years

How long does it take a turtle to lay eggs?

it takes 2 to 5 years for a turtle to lay eggs.

How many eggs can a sea turtle lay?

a sea turtle can lay 50-160 eggs but they lay 10 per minute.

How do turtles make eggs?

The female turtle will lay the eggs and the male comes along and fertilizes them. The female turtle will lay eggs even if there is no male turtle around.

How many eggs a turtle can lay in a lifetime?

There's about a hundred or more than that a turtle lay eggs in their lifetime

Does the leatherback turtle lay eggs or have babies?

All reptiles lay eggs. Reptiles are animals that have scales, are cold-blooded and lay eggs, like turtles and snakes and lizards.

Do lizards lay unfertilized eggs?

Yes,Lizards do lay unfertilized eggs as if that they made it abort. lizards do this accidentally,sometimes,when the mate insists to make love even if it was pregnant. blah..blah..blah....

How do turtle lay their eggs?

They lay their eggs near the beach in side a whole:)

Can turtle lay their eggs on the ground?

no they lay them in the sky

How and when do hens lay fertilized and unfertilized eggs?

Most breeds of chickens lay eggs every day. They lay those eggs whether or not they are fertilized. If the flock of chickens has a rooster then chances are the eggs the hens lay are fertile.

Do hens lay unfertelized eggs?

At 18 weeks a hen will start to lay eggs. They will lay an egg every day.If they are not with a rooster or male chicken they will lay an unfertilized egg.

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