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Can a valet service be held responsible for damage to a car engine?

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Generally if you report something before you retake posession of the car, you are in a good spot. Most companies post on their tickets, podiums etc that they are not responsible for mechanical failures. By filling out the report or claim, you at least have documentation that it happened. Most valet companies will deny this claim, but this does not stop you from taking them to court and causing them hell by creating as much bad publicity as possible. News stations love doing their investigative reporting, and if they company feels the pressure of bad publicity for their company, usually they will settle up before being blasted! Hope this helps!

2008-02-12 05:17:42
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How do you use the word 'valet' in a sentence?

Give the "valet" your keys and he'll park your car. The ''valet'' will park your car. "Valet" Parking.

How do you use valet in a sentence?

A valet is a service is service that parks cars for people. An example sentence would be: The valet was very gentle with her car.

What is the difference of room attendant and valet service?

room attendant is a housekeeper. valet service is a car keeper

Can a valet service be charged with theft?

Yes, if valet leaves the area in which your car should be parked then they can be considered as stealing a vehicle. The company in charge of the individual driving the stolen car would then become responsible.

Duties and responsibilities of valet runner in laundry service?

responsible for the pick up and delivery of laundry items of guests and also those for house use.

Does Newark Airport parking offer valet services?

Newark Airport does offer a valet service through VIp Parking Reservations. This service allows you to compare all the valet companies operating at Newark Airport.

What is a sentence using the word valet?

Valet is the term used for a person providing a car parking service. An example sentence is: She handed her keys to the valet.

Is there a valet service for Stansted car parking?

"Yes, Stansted Car Parking does offer a valet service. They actually have a promotion for the month of September with their ""Meet and Greet"" service. The prices are slightly reduced."

How does a valet service deal with car alarms?

Your car alarm should have a valet switch,which is named for exactly that situation.

Is there valet parking at Gatwick Airport?

There is valet parking available at Gatwick Airport in London. You can use this service at the South or North Terminal(s). You can book the service in advance or use the service on the day of your flight.

Valet parks car on Thursday and on Saturday the owner ask to get the car only to find that the moter has blown up. Who is responsible for damage?

id say the person who planted the bomb.

Is the purple parking in Heathrow a valet service?

No the purple parking in Heathrow is not a valet service. It's a meet and greet service or a chauffeur parking service. When you have departed you call a number that was given to you when your car was collected and they have your car returned to you at a designated area.

Do you tip a valet to park your car if his firm charges you for the service?


Does Gatwick offer valet parking service?

"Gatwick does offer valet parking. To recieve the service you must park in the area for it,provide a set of keys, and pay a required fee, if it is requested."

Where does Stansted Valet Parking operate?

Stansted Valet Parking operates in London, UK. They service travelers at London Stansted Airport. The valet drop-off point is located on the terminal forecourt.

What does a Volvo S60 valet key do?

The valet key operates the ignition switch and the drivers door lock. It is cut so as to block any access to your glove compartment or the trunk. Made speciifically for giving to the valet parking attendants when your car is being parked by a valet service.

What is valet mode?

The trunk is locked and the engine power is reduced so the valet can't drag race your car, or take things you locked in your trunk.

Can you sue the valet company who parked your car?

Assuming you mean the valet damaged the vehicle, then yes, certainly. You can sue the employee, the valet company, the place that hired the valet company, and anybody else who might be standing around. You would have the burden of proving the damage was caused by the valet, that they had a duty to use reasonable care, that the damage was the result of failure to use reasonable care, and what the damage cost you to have repaired.They will defend by saying there is no proof the damage wasn't already there, no proof they cause the damage, no proof they had any obligation of care, and so forth. If you're lucky, they may attempt to assert an illegal and unenforceable "waiver" or release of liability, often printed in small font on the back of a claim check. In many states, this will allow you to collect for triple damage and lawyers' fees because it is an "unfair and deceptive business practice" to assert an unenforceable waiver.

What kind of valet parking is available at the Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport in London does have an onsite valet parking service. One can drop off your vehicle for valet parking in the South Terminal and then pick it up at the North Terminal.

Where can one go for a car valet in New York City?

Car valet service can be attained from many companies. Some of these companies are Edison ParkFast, Icon Parking Systems, Park Right Corporation, Rutherford Place, and Fifth Avenue Valet.

Difference between 4 star and 5 star hotels?

5 Star hotels offer valet car service and room service

Name a service a hotel provides that you wish you had at your house?

Family Feud Answers =): Room Service House Keeping Massage Laundry Valet

Is a parking valet liable for damage to your car?

yes, they could be, hopefully they are a company that has it's own insurance coverage.

Does airport car parking offer valet services?

Most airports do. You would be more able to find valet parking at larger airports. Smaller airports probably don't have the staff to provide that service.

what are the primary tips 4 starting a valet parking centre in the state of qatar..?

To start a valet parking service in qatar, you must own or lease property, have a drivers licence, have insurance, and have a licence to do business.