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While there are some limitations (e.g., "peaceful repossession", can't enter a locked building or cross a locked gate), yes, they can.

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Can you drive on New Mexico private property with revoked license?

If you're driving on private property - you don't need any licence ! You only need a licence to drive on public roads.

How do you travel to Mexico?

Travelling by plane will take you to the general area of Mexico and further bus/taxi/private vehicle/train trip should be sufficient in taking you to a specific location.

What is the main crime in Mexico?

Property crime would be the most common crime committed in Mexico. It would include burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism.

How is health care in Mexico financed?

The public health system in Mexico is financed by the taxpayers. There are also private hospitals and clinics, financed by private investors.

Can Canadians buy a house in Mexico?

Yes a Canadian can buy a property in Mexico.

Neighbor's fence is on your property in New Mexico what can you do about it?

If the neighbor's fence is on your property in New Mexico, you can ask them to remove it. If they refuse, you can take them to civil court.

are there private jet sevice from leon mexico to nogales I am traveling with 2 deogs who are used to private flight?

Check out the following link for international private flights. http://privateplanecharter.com/airport_directory/international_airport_list.php?country=Mexico

What is the Education in the Mexico City.?

It is one of the best in Mexico, including public and private schools alike.

How much does it cost to go to a private school in Mexico?

A lot of money especially in Mexico with there money.

At what grade does Mexico require payment for education?

All of them. There is private as well as public education in Mexico.

Is there camels in Mexico?

Besides zoos and some private holders, camels are nowhere to be found in Mexico

Do you have to pay for universities in Mexico?

From kindergarten to university/college, there are public as well as private institutions in Mexico.

What are the release dates for Private Property - 1960?

Private Property - 1960 was released on: USA: 24 April 1960 (New York City, New York) France: 29 June 1960 Denmark: 17 November 1960 Argentina: 2 August 1961 Mexico: 26 January 1962 Denmark: 15 February 1965 (re-release)

What schools in Mexico wear uniforms?

private and public schools

What is extraditable for the state of New Mexico?

will bozeman mt. extradite me from new mexico on a stolden vehicle charge

Does it cost money to go to school in Mexico?

There are public and private schools in Mexico, from nurseries up to colleges and universities.

What is the best method of transporting from Mexico?

Where to? Bus, private car and airplane are the three largest modes of transportation in Mexico.

Can you generally go to the pools and restaurants of a resort in Mexico if you are not staying there?

As it is private property - it is most likely you will not be allowed to use a resorts facilities unless you are actually staying there. However - they may let you in return for charging a fee.

Is it illegal to cut down trees in mexico?

No, not trees that are on your property.

Can a 2000 VW be exporter to Mexico?

Yes. However, you must get an import/export permit to sell such vehicle in Mexico.

In Mexico does the property of the father go to only the oldest son?

In Mexico the laws make no distinction between men and women. Property is equally divided among the children in intestate estates. However, in practice, real property is usually distributed to sons by will.

How many airports are there in Mexico?

There are 2,000 runways in Mexico only 20 airports and the rest dirt private owned runways

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