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Can a vehicle be taken in owa without warning if you are one payment late?


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2015-07-15 18:38:24
2015-07-15 18:38:24

NO! They have to send you a 21 day right to cure before any repossession, What that means is when you are late enough for them to decide to repossess your vehicle then they have to send you a right to cure via certified mail, the righ tto cure will state you have 21 days to catch up the past due balance on your account or the bank may excercise there right to collect the debit which includes repossessing your vehicle, Iowa also requires the plates to your vehicle stay with you so do not let them try to charge you to give them back along with your personal property. FOR MORE INFO ON YOUR RIGHTS , AND HOW TO STOP THE REPOMAN GOTO MY WEBSITE I have lots of info there on your right, how to hide your car and alot more, i ALSO OFFER A PERSONAL CONSULTATION


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If you financed the car at one of those ripoff buy here pay here lots they can and usually will. Sorry.

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Can a vehicle be taken by the police for delinquent payments.

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Once you drive the vehicle away from the dealership you have taken possession of it and cannot stop payment for any reason without committing fraud.

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The finance company has the right to repo a vehicle the day after the payment is due if it is stated in your contract. they usually wait till you are 30-60 days past due.

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