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NO! They have to send you a 21 day right to cure before any repossession, What that means is when you are late enough for them to decide to repossess your vehicle then they have to send you a right to cure via certified mail, the righ tto cure will state you have 21 days to catch up the past due balance on your account or the bank may excercise there right to collect the debit which includes repossessing your vehicle, Iowa also requires the plates to your vehicle stay with you so do not let them try to charge you to give them back along with your personal property. FOR MORE INFO ON YOUR RIGHTS , AND HOW TO STOP THE REPOMAN GOTO MY WEBSITE I have lots of info there on your right, how to hide your car and alot more, i ALSO OFFER A PERSONAL CONSULTATION

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Q: Can a vehicle be taken in owa without warning if you are one payment late?
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Can a vehicle be taken in Kentucky without warning if you are one payment late?

If you financed the car at one of those ripoff buy here pay here lots they can and usually will. Sorry.

Can a vehicle be taken by police for delinquent payment?

Can a vehicle be taken by the police for delinquent payments.

Can you stop payment on a check after taking delivery of the vehicle?

Once you drive the vehicle away from the dealership you have taken possession of it and cannot stop payment for any reason without committing fraud.

How many months without making a payment will the vehicle be taken?

The finance company has the right to repo a vehicle the day after the payment is due if it is stated in your contract. they usually wait till you are 30-60 days past due.

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What steps can be taken to avoid the legal process of distraint?

Steps that can be taken to avoid the legal process of distraint is to pay the rent every month without elapsing on payment. When several payments are missed, the landlord can seize property to sell for payment of the missed rent.

What is Arkansas law for returning a newly purchased vehicle?

My 18 year old daughter bought a programs 2010 vehicle from a AR dealer with me as a cosigner. First payment due on 7-29-11 and she has the money for that payment however she just submitted her college schedule to her job wherein they told her they would see what they could do but no promisses. I have been taken off work due to health issues so this vehicle payment may get rough for anyone. Is there any clause in a law that states she can return the vehicle now?

Is it still unlawful use of a vehicle if the owner knew the vehicle was going to be returned?

Of course. If it was taken without the owners permission how are they supposed to know who took it or if it was going to be returned to them?

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What can you do if you co-signed on car and made the down payment and all payments to date and the primary took the car because you and his son getting a divorce?

You can motion the court for redress. It would be advisable for you to take all proof of payment to court with you and be prepared to show it. As the listed borrower on the note, he has as much right to the vehicle as you. However, if the vehicle is registered only to you, and you did not consent to the vehicle being taken, you could also report the vehicle stolen, and by whom.

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What is a towing auction?

if the towed vehicle is not taken back by the owner then the vehicle is actioned.

Do I have to pay for a car loan if the car isn't mine?

Auto loans are used for purchasing a vehicle of any kind. The loan is taken out by the person who purchases the car, and therefore the official payment is made by the same person.

You owe 667.00 on your car it should have been paid off in September you are sending a payment in a couple of days then you will owe 472.00 will it be taken away from you?

You owe less than 700 I higly doubt they will repo your car for that amount. You are ATTEMPTING to make payment. I really think it would cost the bank more for repoing the vehicle rather than waiting for the last payment

What should i do about a car contract from a used dealership I made it clear that i did not know if i could came up with the down payment now their giving me a hard time. What should i do?

By taking delivery of this vehicle you are agreeing to the terms of the contract. If you could not meet the down payment requirement then you should have never taken delivery. You can try talking to them to work out a payment plan of some sort.

how much time can go by before a car can be repo?

How long you can go before your car is repossessed depends on several things. Generally, as soon as you default on your note, your creditor can "repo" your vehicle. The definition of default may depend on your loan contract, but usually just missing one payment can qualify. It is best to communicate with your creditor before you miss a payment to work out other terms, and avoid having your vehicle taken from you.

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How long can a car be impounded for if you loan it to someone who does not have a license?

Depends on where it happens. In California, the vehicle can be forfeited (as in taken forever) if the person driving it has a prior for driving without a license.

Will your rates go up when car was impounded for unlicensed driver?

Unless the vehicle was taken without your permission, I hope so. Allowing your vehicle to be driven by an unlicensed driver is a serious judgment error, the kind that insurance companies do not like to underwrite.

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