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No only one screw holding the distributor down will cause the cap to be crooked and damage to the cap and rotor will result

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Q: Can a vehicle operate normally with only one screw holding the distributor cap down?
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Befor a vehicle may operate on the runway the vehicle operate must have what?

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What type of cdl is required to operate an hisd vehicle?

Depends on what the vehicle is.

Where is the distributor located in the Chevy 2002 s 10 truck?

If that vehicle has the 2.2L engine, it doesn't have a distributor.

Where is the fuel filter and distributor cap located on a 1996 Cougar XR-7?

The fuel filter is usually located along the bottom of the vehicle, drivers side, on the back side of the fram rail. And the engines normally came with coil pack ignition systems, no distributor.

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Unlicensed drivers cannot operate a vehicle on private property. The insurance for the vehicle will not allow unlicensed drivers. Most states require every vehicle in operation to be insured.

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What class license must a driver hold in order to operate a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 5,500 lbs

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How do you check for a bad distributor in a 1998 Mercury Villager van?

If the distributor was genuinely bad the vehicle would probably not run. It requires special diagnostic equipment to test a distributor in isolation.

How are the wires on distributor numbered on a 1990 chevy silverado 2500 with 350 engine?

the ht leads may not be nubered but the longest should be used for the furthest away sparkplug. if you need to fit them to the distributor cap, find the firing sequence of the vehicle, find when pison 1 is in top dead centre, then work from piston 1 on the distributor round in the order that the rotor turns, normally clockwise

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How much would it cost to replace a distributor?

Depends on the vehicle in question.

Will bad distributor keep vehicle from idling?

Type your answer here... possiblity

How does a distributor gear wear out?

The distributor gear might wear out in an older vehicle that has high mileage, just because of wear and tear on the parts. A newer vehicle with less than 70,000 miles should not have the distributor gear wearing out. If this is the case, an electrical problem could have caused this to malfunction.

Are vehicle made on principle of thermodynamics?

That's how engines operate.

In what state can you operate a vehicle without auto insurance?


How to set time on 94 s10 blazer 4.3 vortex. where is the dist. bypass wire locate.?

The distributor by-pass wire, seems to be the wire that runs from the distributor to the ECM module. Just disconnect it and retime, then plug it back in. If you have checked Top Dead Center on number 1 piston then all you have to do is move the distributor cap by untightening the 9/16's bolt below the distributor housing. This will allow you to rotate the distributor with the cap on to increase or decrease the rpm's at idle. You will need to tighten the bolt holding the distributor metal plate down after Idle is running smooth or the distributor will move when the vehicle is shut off. To remove the wire from the back of the ECM (Electronic Control Module) you will need to remove the distributor cap and two connectors that run to the coil pack from the distributor.

Does the wire form the distributor go to the pos termial of the coil?

Assuming you have an older vehicle with points, the wire from the distributor goes to the neg side of the coil.

How do you change the distributer cap on a 91 astro van?

the distributer cap is located in the back of the engine and to get to is is relatively painless but you have to remove the engine cover on the inside of the vehicle which is under the dash in the middle of the vehicle which there is 2 big standard screws holding it to the firewall and 2 clamps holding the back side to the floor towards the seat. once you gain access to the engine compartment from the inside of the vehicle you will see the distributor cap right there looking at you. it is usually held on to the distributor by 2 small Phillips screws and will tell you first hand if the cap has not been changed in a while you might want to use a nut driver to break them loose and re-install in just reverse.

Where is the oil pressure sensor for a 91 Chevy caprice 350 5.7?

From the front of the vehicle looking towards the rear of the vehicle it's on the top right hand side of the engine on the right side of the distributor at the base of the distributor cap

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Where is the coil on a 1992 Chevy 350 G20?

It is on the back of the intake manifold just in front of the distributor. If it is a HEI vehicle it will be in the center of the distributor cap. (distributor cap will look larger than normal)