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Can a vehicle with a Certificate of Destruction be registered in any state?

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They can not in Tennessee

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How to register car with certificate of destruction?

Most states will not allow you to register a car with a certificate of destruction. To find out if you state allows it, contact your local DMV office.

How can you title a certificate of destruction vehicle?

You usually cannot register a vehicle with a certificate of destruction, due to dangers that may emerge. In fact when you buy such a vehicle the dealer must tell you it cannot be registered in America to avoid any potential I have heard that of states in the south allow such vehicles to be registered, but northern states, such as Michigan, forbid such cars to be registered.Another option would be to get it retitled as a custom built vehicle. If you replace and/or modify major parts (engine, transmission, frame, etc.), and can provide proof of ownership of the major parts, get the vehicle inspected (usually by the state highway patrol, not an inspection station), you may be able to get a title as a custom built vehicle. The issue is how many changes you must make to get the vehicle to be considered custom built. This will vary from state to state. I would ask your state's DMV or highway patrol what constitutes a custom built vehicle before starting down this path, and if having a previous certificate of destruction would prohibit the use of the major parts.

What is the difference between destruction and salvage certificate?

Destruction =You can no longer drive the vehicle on the road and it can't be rebuild. Salvage =You can rebuild the car and is legal to drive on the road depending on the state you live in.

What is the color scheme for the number plate of a commercial vehicle?

That depends on the country where the vehicle is registered and then perhaps the state of that country.

Does a vehicle with out of state plates need to have a front plate displayed in Florida?

Regardless of wherever you're at in the United States, you are subject to the requirements of the state in which your vehicle is registered. If your vehicle is registered in a state requiring only one plate, that is all you need, regardless of where you go. Likewise, if your vehicle is registered in a state which requires two, you must display two plates, even if the state you're in doesn't require two plates for vehicles registered in that state.

How do you check the validity of a stock certificate?

You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. They have records of registered certificates

Do you have to smog your commercial vehicle?

That depends on the state it's registered in.

How do you register a vehicle with a certificate of destruction in the state of South Carolina?

If you have a title, and it is red, then you can't register it at all. The only thing you can do is sell it to an individual for parts only or to a salvage yard. If the title is blue, then you should be able to register it and it will be a salvage title. If all you have is a certificate of destruction and no title, then its the same as having a red title.

What is the title of state?

The title of state?? I can only assume it means the state that the vehicle is registered and titled in.

Can you have a vehicle registered in your name if you have your drivers license suspended in the state of New Hampshire?

You can have a vehicle registered in your name. If your licence is suspended, you simply can't drive it.

What is the certificate of incorporation?

The document filed with the secretary of state which sets forth the corporation's name, board of directors, registered agent, and registered address and which is filed with the secretary of state to form the corporation.

Can you work in one state and have a car registered in another?

Sure, Lots of people work outside of their home state. Just remember that the Law requires your vehicle be registered in your state of residence, not the state you work in.

Can you purchase auto insurance in any state must you purchase it in the state you reside?

You must purchase it in the state where the vehicle is registered.

You are in the military Can a vehicle be registered in one state but insured in another?

That question doesn't really make sense. Yes your vehicle can be registered anywhere you have place of residency but uhh insurance is who ever your insurance company is IE. USAA, State Farm.....

If a wife changes her drivers license to another state from her husband's can she still be listed on the original vehicle registration and insurance with her husband?

Yes. The DMV of the state the vehicle is registered in will need to be notified to include both individuals and addresses as registered owners of the vehicle, and the insurance will need her new address, as well as which address the vehicle will be stored at.

Do you need DOT Medical Card if you do not run out of your state?

If the vehicle doesn't require a CDL and the vehicle is registered in that state, no. If the vehicle requires a CDL, yes. Vehicles falling under exemptions such as the farm truck exemption or emergency vehicle exemption vary by state.

Where do you go to file a application for registered retail merchant certificate?

State board of licensing and regulatory affairs. "LARA"

Can you plate a car in one state and live in another state?

Normally you have to have the vehicle registered in the state that you reside in. The only exception is for military members.

Can you register a vehicle in one state and not be a reident?

Yes, for example my daughter and I bought and registered a vehicle in Oklahoma even though we are residents of Utah.

Is it illegal to have a car that is uninsured provided you dont drive it?

If the vehicle is currently registered (i.e.: has valid current tags) the state requires that it be insured. If the vehicle is not currently registered, it is not required that it be insured - but NOBODY may operate it.

What are the requirements on mud flaps?

They are required on commercially registered vehicles. The GVW or size of the vehicle on which they are required will probably vary from state to state.

Do I have to pay California sales tax when registering a car that was leased in another state?

You pay sales tax to the State in which the vehicle will be registered.

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