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Only after there has been due process in a court of law and the judge determines a warrant should be issued.

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Q: Can a warrant be issued for your arrest if you fail to produce car for repossesion?
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What happens if out on o r but cant make it to court?

Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.

What is a foreign warrant?

A warrant is a demand issued by a court. An example is; an arrest warrant is a demand for someone's arrest. A foreign warrant is issued for someone in another country.

How long after a search warrant before an arrest warrant is issued?

There is no specified timeframe. An arrest warrant will be issued when the 'probable cause' is sufficient to present to a judge.

Can a warrant be issued for your arrest for an unpaid parking ticket in Durango co?

A warrant will not be issued for your arrest for an unpaid parking ticket. If you have an unpaid speeding ticket, they may issue a warrant for your arrest.

What is a non executable arrest warrant issued?

what is a non-executable warrant

How long after a warrant for arrest is issued before they come looking for you?

It's immediately. It might take a while to find you but they can arrest you as soon as the warrant is issued.

Who is in charge of the arrest and custodial transportation of the suspect from the search warrant?

Any law enforcement agency can effect an arrest if they find out you have a warrant out for your arrest. The arresting agency would hold you and notify the location who issued the warrant of the arrest. At this point the agency who issued the warrant would make arrangements to collect the prisoner, take custody, and transport them back to the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued.

What is a arrest warrent?

An arrest warrant is issued by the court to grant the Police the power to arrest someone who is wanted. a warrant can be applied for and issued without the person being informed before hand.

Can an arrest warrant be issued if you don't pay your seat belt ticket in Texas?

Yes it can turn into a arrest warrant.

Can you be arrested on an arrest warrant in Florida if issued in Wisconsin?

yes if it is a nationwide warrant

Can you put out a warrant for someone else arrest?

No. A warrant is issued by a magistrate or judge.

What happens after an indictment?

a warrant is usually issued for your arrest

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