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this contorler have to conect with you xbox but the is a small button on the front of your xbox with 3 cuved lines eg ))) same as you con troler wich is on the front left side of your controler they have to be bothh pressed or else it dont work but if you have a charge and play kit it automaticaly conncet if u plug ur contoler in. :) i also

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How do you reset your playstation 3 controller to make it work wireless?

first you will need a wireless controller ....there is a USB cord that you connect to your console and controller ... that will read the controller ... and sync to that console ...

Is there a wireless controller for PS2 console?

There are wireless PS2 controllers available for sale

Is a game controller wireless?

Not necessarily. It depends on the game console.

How does the Xbox 360 controller connect with the console?

The Xbox 360 controller uses a proprietary wireless technology to connect to the Xbox 360 console.

What is the range for Mad Catz wireless controller for PS3?

The Mad Catz wireless controller works up to twenty feet away from the console.

How long does it take for a wireless 360 controller to be programmed?

It only takes a couple minutes to program a wireless controller. Simply add the batteries to the controller, turn on console and controller, press the small button on console front and and small button on controller located close to the LB button on the controller and that should be it, you've programmed your controller.

Is there a difference between the xbox 360 elite wireless controller and the xbox 360 wireless controller Can you use a regular Xbox wireless controller with the Xbox Elite?

The only difference is color, so yes, you can use a regular controller with elite console

How do you connect a Xbox controller to an Xbox?

To connect your wireless controller to your console:Press and hold down the Xbox Guide button or the Startbutton until the controller turns on.If your console is not on, press the power button to turn on the console.Press and release the connect button on the console.Press and release the connect button on the controller.After the Ring of Light on the controller and console spin and flash once, the controller is connected. The quadrant that remains lit indicates the controller's position.To connect, or bind, additional wireless controllers, repeat this procedure for up to four controllers.To disconnect a wireless controller, press and hold the Xbox Guide button for three seconds, and then turn the controller off.

How do you activate a psyclone PS3 wireless controller?

Usually if you plug the usb cable (controller charger cable) into the ps3 console and the ps3 wireless controller it will sync the controller with the console. I had this problem when I went to a friends house and brought my extra controllers. The Controllers just set there and blinked till I plugged it into his usb cable that hooked up to his ps3 console. Hope this helps

Will the PlayStation 3 wireless controller still work if the battery does not take a charge?

No, the PlayStation 3 wireless controller will not still work if the battery does not take a charge. The controller will not have enough power to connect to the console.

How do you charge your xbox 360 wireless controller?

To recharge your xbox 360 wireless controller you need to buy a play and charge kit(highly recomended) then plug it into the front of the controller and into one of the controller ports then turn on your console and play while it charges.

Is a xbox 360 slim controller compatible with an xbox 360 elite?

All Xbox 360 controller versions are compatible with any type of console. To switch the console that a wireless controller connects to you need to press the button on the front of the controller looks kinda like ")))" and then press the same button on the front of the console.

What is the longest range wireless controler for my PlayStation 2?

The wireless controller for PlayStation 2 only works if you are 50 feet or closer to the console.

How can you plug a Xbox controller to a Xbox 360?

If the controller is wired it can be plugged into one of the two usb ports on the front of the console or the one usb port on the back. If the controller is wireless then you must press the small button on top of the controller and the small button on the front of the console to sync them.

Is there a way to use the Game Boy Advance as a sort of wireless controller?

The Game Boy advance is not compatible with any home console systems as a controller.

How do you reset ba PS3 wireless controller to a new PS3?

To reset a PS3 controller to a different PS3 connect the controller to the PS3 you want to connect it to with a charge cable. Press the PS button and wait for it to connect to the new console. After it connects your controller will now work with the new PS3.

Can you hook up a wireless controller to the xbox 360 console?

you can't hook up a wireless control to the xbox 360 just push on the buttom on the middle that depends did you mean a 360 controller or a PC gaming controller 360 controller-yes press the connect button on front of xbox and then on controller. PC controller-no has to be xbox 360 compatible

What are the features of a xbox 360 controller?

A standard Xbox 360 controller comes in both a wired and wireless version. The wireless controller uses AA or a rechargeable battery pack. The wired controller is connected to the USB port of the console. There are 2 analog sticks, 2 analog triggers and 11 digital buttons.

Is using a wireless xbox controller dangerous to use during lightning storm?

No it's not dangerous to use a WIRELESS controller during a storm but the storm might damage your actual Xbox console. You may need to go back to school

How do you connect a Guitar Hero 3 wireless guitar to the PS3 game console?

you gotta buy the wireless pack and it will come with a censor that you connect to the controller slot... .then... ROCK OFF!!!!!!

Can you play with a gc controler on Iron Man the game?

gc standing for GameCube i guess? No, each console has it's own controller. No controller from one console will work with different console. I think your question, judging by the 'In:' tags is basically: can you play with a gamecube controller on a Nintendo Wii? The answer is no.

Is it possible to repair an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller The controller was thrown and no longer syncs to the Xbox console Is it possible to do a solder reflow on the wireless chip using a Heatgun?

Maybe the sync button is damaged. Its best to just buy a new one.

How far away from the console can I take the Game Cube Microcon Wireless Controller before it stops working?

The wireless game cube controller will work up to 30 feet before it will stop working which is actually quite a long ways way.

How do you connect a wireless gamecube controller to a wii console?

The Wireless controllers come with a plug much like the wired variants. Plug this into the Wii's Gamecube ports and then turn on the controller and make sure that both the controller and dial on the plug are set to the correct channel (sometimes 3 and often times 4).

How do you turn on wireless mode on xbox 360?

On the actual console itself, there is a button, which looks like the wifi logo from a laptop, that is directly to the left of the two front USB ports on the console. Press that button and a small round button on the top of your controller and your console/controller should sync within a few seconds.

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