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Can a wireless router block internet connection?

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Yes, it can. Many routers have firewall as an option. If it was configured to block connection for port 80 (outgoing), it will not have internet. There are other options allow to block access to internet. Read the manual.


Another meaning could be... Can you block certain computers from the network?

Most routers have a feature like a Black-list for Mac addresses.

Lets assume you want to block 00:00:00:00:00:00

0.Connect your Computer to the router (wireless and Ethernet are both fine) :)

1.Read your router manual and try to find what you need to type into the address bar of your web browser in order to access the router controls. ( should be similar to

2.Search around for a Filter or only Deny these addresses button.(Note This is different for every manufacturer so I can't tell you exactly where it is)

I hope it helped

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How do you block internet wireless connections?

1. you must connect the wireless router with a wired router. 2. you can monitor the network through mirroring port. 3. softwares that you can use to monitor your network: websense, WFilter

How To Block Internet Connection Through Kaspersky Internet Security.......?

There are configurations available through Kaspersky. Instead of Kaspersky you could try your Router Settings.

How can people monitor your iPad?

If you are on a WiFi network, they can use the parental control features in the wireless router to block, limit or log your internet activity.

Can anyone access my internet if I use a Linksys wireless router?

It is possible to encrypt your wireless signal. So, the answer is no, it is entirely possible to block other people from using your signal without your permission.

How do you block an unauthorised device from utilising wireless router?

Add a password.

Does anyone know how to block someone elses wireless internet connection on my ipod touch so i just have my own?

Call your service provider

How do you block internet connection for user account?

you can block internet connection for user account simply by using monitoring software, such as websense, WFilter etc.

Does a router allow sharing of a broadband internet connection?

Absolutely! This is the primary function of most home routers.A home router will normally share it's internet connection by default. You could block access to the internet, in which case the computers on your LAN (eg in your house) can still talk to each other through the router, but not to computers outside (ie on the internet).In order to share you must make sure that NAT (Network Address Translation) is enabled. Many home and home/office routers enable this by default and will allow you to share an internet connection out of the box, but some do not. You will have to look for this in the configuration of the device, usually in the WAN or Internet page/tab of the device settings.

Why is it important to run encryption on wireless networks?

TO block illegals user in your internet, to prevent slow internet.

What type of hardware is needed for the internet?

A typical internet access has:A cable (wired or fiber) or phone line that connects your location to an (ISP) internet service provider such as comcast, verizon, optimum. In some areas where a connection is not available, a dish antenna can provide a wireless connection to remote ISP.The incoming ISP connection ends (terminates) at an interface box that converts the ISP connection to home internet or cable wiring. The box is often called a modem, dsl modem, cable modem. An ethernet wire (called CAT 5 or CAT 6) with a modular connection connects it to a router but it can also plug directly into a computer equipped with network hardware and it should work. However it would not have any of the protections of a properly configured router. Besides internet, the box may also supply phone and TV service for your location.Verizon FIOS does not use modems, they call it an ONT (Optical Network Interface). While others use an ethernet connection to connect to your router, the ONT uses MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance), a round coax (coaxial) cable. it is meant to connect to your home cable TV wiring. A Verizon router with MoCA is required to connect into a cable TV outlet. The ONT also has an ethernet connector. You can (try to) ask the Verizon installer to configure the FIOS ONT to use its ethernet connection instead of MoCA.A router connects devices on your network together. It routes messages, emails, music, videos, documents, files between computers, tablets, etc. When sending to a machine not on your network the router will direct it to the ISP. A router also does other things. It can assign network addresses to devices on your network that request an address. It can block access to the network from certain machines. It can block incoming or outgoing traffic that is recognized as unauthorized, undesirable or unexpected. It can route expected traffic to your internal web or mail server. Sophisticated routers can be set to recognize and block certain types of web pages such as pornography. Devices attach to a router with ethernet cables. If it is a wireless router, it allows authorized devices to connect using WIFI based on security protocols that prevent others from using your network.There are various types of hardware that is needed for the internet connection. Some of hardware devices may include a router, gateway, switch, hub, modem and many more.You need all of the basic requirments of a normal computer, with the addition of a network card. Whether you get a normal network card for an ethernet cable or a wireless card depends on what kind of internet you have at your house

Laptop with linskey wireless router how do you prevent other from piggybacking your internet?

You have at least three choices: 1. Create a secured network (in the wireless properties it has to be the option "Security" use it to make up a key which will be required to connect to your router). This is the best option. 2. You can activate so called "Black list" (it's when you know who you want to block to connecting to your router, you just block that user's MAC address, everybody else are allowed to connect to). 3. You can use so called "White list" (it's when users with MAC addresses in the list are allowed to connect to the router, everybody else is blocked automatically). The first option is the best it prevents users who are not allowed to connect to your router and also it encrypts your traffic between the wireless adapter and the router. PS: If it's possible use WEP-PSK AES or WEP2-PSK AES.

Why doesnt your remote computer work with your belkin wireless router?

By default wireless routers block all incoming connections. You need to to open the remote desktop port on the router. And also you might have to setup redirecting of incoming remote desktop connections on a particular pc.

How Do you Block and individual PC on a wireless network?

Ok, so my Girlfriends brother is a bit silly and decides to block her internet connection when she does something to him. The other day he blocked my internet connection because my girlfriend gave me permission to use her internet on my MacBook Pro and he didnt want me to. i have no idea how he does this and i really want to know how so i can do it back and get revenge on him, just so he knows how it feels. Im quite good with computers but if you do have an answer please make it as simple as you can!

How do you secure a wirless broadband connection?

Typically in your wireless router there is an administration page (look in your manual) this usually will give you the option of encrypting your network traffice using a security key. there are several options out there including (WPA, WEP), etc. You will need to set a key on the router and also on your wireless access card on your computer. The other option is to set your router to filter MAC addresses and give it the mac address of your network card. It will then block all traffic except that traffic from your network card.

Can you block internet on the iPod Touch?

I have absolutely no idea, i need to block someone so they cant use my wireless. please, someone tell me.

Your wireless router wont work because of antivirus how do you fix it?

Anti virus software has nothing to do with your wireless router (unless one or more of the system files responsible for network communications was infected). The only thing which can block network activity is firewall. Check your network and firewall settings.

How do you block your IP address?

To block the address you must go to the setting where you look for wifi wireless internet- faster Internet then go to mAke sure that you are on a lock Internet not open because people will hack you and do the rest

Your brothers conputer tells him he has a strong connection to the internet but the pages do not load fire fox and ie take about 30 secs to load but in the end it comes up page cant be displayed etc?

You need to make sure that your router has access to internet. If it works fine, check firewall settings on your brother's computer. Also you need make sure that the computer is connected to the wireless network. For that you need to use "ping" command. PS: some viruses block access to internet.

Is there any way to block other users from gaining connection to my wireless feed?

Yes make sure that you had a password protection on it.

What is the Simple block diagram of wireless communication?

wireless communication block diagram

How do you block youtube by using a router?

see your router manual that bundle with your router. the explanation about how to block site on ip filter or firewall section. there's different way about how to set router.

Router lights on and connection works but IP wont connect why?

Make sure that your firewall does not block connections. Also if you have configured a secured network check the access key, if it does not work, reset the router and configure it again.

Who is connected to my wireless network?

You should be able to check how many computers are connected to your router, in the router settings. Most likely you can find it in "Status" for wireless network or for all networks. You check MAC addresses for all your computers connected to the router and compare it with those in the list. In that way you know if you have some "guests". You find out who connected to your router will be much harder and require special software and training.PS: you can use MAC filter to block "guests".

Protecting Your Internet Connection?

You need to make sure that no one else is stealing your Internet connection. If you have wireless Internet for laptops in your house, the signal will be visible to people in the nearby houses. They will be able to see it on their own computers in the same way that you can see it in your house. The signal is restricted by distance, but this is a loose restriction. You cannot really set things up so that the signal is only visible within your own home unless the building in which you live is very big. With most plans for wireless Internet for laptops, you do not have to pay based on the amount of bandwidth that you use. It is unlimited. You just pay for the service in the first place. This leads some people to wonder why it even matters if the neighbors are able to use it. If it will not cost you more, what is it hurting? Why not just share with them? The reason why sharing with anyone is not a good idea is that having too many people on the same connection can slow it down. You do not want the whole block to use your connection or it will not work very well at all. When you set it up, you need to create a password. You can do this from the website that controls the router that you have purchased. You can also name the connection at this point. You can call it anything that you want. There will be some stipulations for the password. It has to have at least a certain amount of characters, for example. This is different for every router, but yours will tell you what to do. This does mean that people can plug straight into the modem and then they will not have to know the password. However, the odds that this will happen in your house without your permission are very small. This should not pose a problem. As long as the wireless signal is protected, you will have a fast connection for downloading, uploading, and anything else that you choose to do.

How can you limit a pc wifi connection on your network?

Try looking under "Accounts" on a Mac or "User Accounts" on Windows 7 and look under Parental Controls. The Mac has a few more parameters to play with then Windows does. Windows basically has access restrictions for USING the computer. If you have a Wireless Router, most have restrictions for time and/or day, Blocked services like Web, Web sites, e-mail, etc, for connections for the internet. I think they can be set locally. You can block it via the MAC Address of the computer, the IP address or a range of them. The wireless restrictions only has an On/Off for "A" particular computer. Not a time or day. You would have to turn it on and off daily or whenever. I don't know if anyone has a setup for just turning the Wireless on or off at a set time. You can turn wireless off at the router but it's for everyone.