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A baby can survive in the tube but usually only 5 to 6 months. The tube can stretch. I am a nurse and know of one incident where the baby lived. But the tube has to be removed after the baby is removed. And yes, it is a painful pregnancy.

No, the baby does not develop normally, it can rupture the tubes causing internal bleeding and kill the mother. If this is happening to you, you must see a doctor and get it sorted ASAP. I had an ectopic pregnancy (baby grew in the tubes) and it nearly killed me! I had to have my tube and baby removed 3 months into my pregnancy but if you see someone sooner, you can save your tube and thus your fertility, and a lot of pain! An injection exists which can cause the baby to abort quickly and relatively painlessly, laptopic salpingectomy (the removal of the tube and baby) is painful, debilitating, leaves you less fertile, with an increased chance of future ectopics and with horrible permanent scars.

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Q: Can a woman carry her unborn baby inside her tubes without it affecting the baby or her?
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