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Every pregnancy is different. Some women feel pregnant almost immediately upon conception, and some feel nothing until they're giving birth to the child. It is very possible to feel pregnant seven days into your pregnancy.

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No she can not. The test will not be accurate until at least 2 weeks after sex. The egg might be fertilized after 72 hours but it takes a week to travel down to the uterus and get attached.

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2weeks before your missed period

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Q: Can a woman feel pregnant in seven days?
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Does a woman look beautiful when pregnant?

Every woman is supposed to feel beautiful when pregnant!

Why do you vomit so many times some days but some days you feel good?

You are pregnant!!

What are woman early symptoms of pregnant?

Sometimes you feel sick or not having any periods

What do you feel after 9 days?

You might not even be pregnant yet 9 days after sex but normally even if you are you don't feel anything for a few weeks yet.

Can you feel your baby at 3 days old in your fetus?

hoping that you baby, doesn't have a 3 day old. But if you are asking if you are 3 days pregnant, NO you cannot feel the baby.

What does it mean if you feel movement in your abdmomen but your period finished 2 days ago?

It's probably gas. If you're wondering whether you're pregnant, a woman generally doesn't feel movement in her abdomen until the second trimester, when she's already showing.

What does the cervix of a pregnant woman look and feel like?

The cervix of a pregnant woman looks bluish or purple depending on how far along they are. it feels like a very ripe fruit. when you stick your hand in to feel it should come back down quickly or fall down with your hand.

Can a pregnant woman feel kicking in two places?

Yes,it's possible to feel the feet,hands,head,and whole body of the baby moving.

Can you eat buffalo chicken wings while pregnant?

A person can eat buffalo chicken wings while they are pregnant. The problem with the buffalo chicken wings, however, is how the woman is going to feel afterwards. The hotter the wings, the more chance that a pregnant woman will have heartburn.

Can you tell your pregnant after a couple of days?

Of course not!!! I DISAGREE................I know its so weird to say but I know I was ovulating for the last 2 days. I feel a weird sensation in alil cramping...and something on my left side. I feel like i got pregnant.

What if a woman is pregnant can she still make love even with big tummy?

Yes as long as you feel like it its OK

What happens to the silicone implants when you get pregnant?

I'm not sure, but I've heard that they look and feel more natural. I'm sure it varies from woman to woman though.