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not likely, since you ovulate around the middle of your cycle.

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Q: Can a woman get pregnant 3 days after her period?
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3 to 5 days before period possible to get pregnant?

It is not likely that a woman would get pregnant 3-5 days prior to her menstrual period.

Can women get pregnant during her period?

Yes, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant on her period. Remember, sperm can live for 3-5 days in the woman.

Can a woman get pregnant 3 days after her period after a bath?

Only if It's a rainy Monday

Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant when she sees her period 3 days late?

If your period arrived 3 days late then you are not pregnant. In very, very rare cases some women see some blood spotting throughout a pregnancy which they mistake for a period and do not know they are pregnant but if your period just arrived a few days later than normal then it would seem that you are not pregnant.

If your normal days of period is 5 days and it only come for 3 days are you pregnant?

No, this does not mean that you are pregnant at all. Pregnant women do not have normally there period when they are pregnant!

How do you know if your pregnant if you have your period for 2-3 days?

If you have period you are not pregnant.

If you got pregnant on the 15th day after period that would be eight days before menstal cycle would you get period?

it isnot uncommon for a woman to have her period for up to 3 months after being pregnant.

If you get your period 3 days after sex can you still be pregnant?

No you wont be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you normally have a period for 7 days and you only had it for 3 days this time?

Yes, you can be pregnant, your period stops after pregnancy, if you recently had sex and your period stopped early you probably are pregnant.

If your period lasted only for 3 days could you be pregnant?

No. If you were pregnant you would'nt have gotten your period at all.

3 days early period could you be pregnant?


Can you get pregnant 3 days after you period ends?


Can the girl get pregnant after 3 days of period?


Could you be pregnant if your period was 3 days late and lasted about 2 days?

yes you could be pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant 3 days after period went off?

Generally, no. There have been cases when ovulation happened during a period and if that is the case, yes a pregnancy could develop. Most women will ovulated around day 14-20 of a 28 day cycle, so they wouldn't get pregnant 3 days after a period.

Is having your period 3 days early a sign of pregnancy?

You shouldn't have a period at all if you are pregnant. At least that's what I've been told. Most of the time if a woman start her period then she isn't pregnant. But you should go to the doctor to see if you are.

3-4 days periods means pregnant?

Having a period at all means you are not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your period lasts 3-5 days?

Yes you can b pregnant..........

If im showing signs of pregnancy but my period is due in 3 days can i be pregnant?

Yes. You'll know in about 3 days whether or not you are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant 3-5 days after your period?


If your period was short are you pregnant?

No, not really. Periods can be as short as 2-3 days. If you had a period most likely you aren't pregnant. The first sign of being pregnant is no period.

If You were 7 days late for your period then had a 3 day period could you be pregnant?


What are the chances a girl is pregnant if she gets her period late and it ends early?

I have before my period, I start my period for 3 days then My period was stop after my period for 3 days, I want to know what happened to me?

If you got your period 3 days late and when you got it it lasted about 2 days which is not normal for you can you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant.

You got your period and was 3 days late am i pregnant?

Even if your period came three days late if you got it, your probably not pregnant. I've heard of one person getting their period in the early days of pregnancy but it's highly doubtful you would get it if you were pregnant.