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Yes, a woman can get pregnant five days after her period.

It all depends on her menstrual cycle, but take the average 28 day menstrual cycle: a woman is most likely to be fertile days 7-16 of that cycle, thus five days after menstruation could be her most fertile day. The only way to know for sure when someone is fertile would be to use Fertility Awareness Method to track menstrual cycles on a daily basis, this is highly accurate.

If not tracking your cycle you won't know when you're fertile so you should assume that you could be fertile at any point, and thus use Birth Control to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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It depends on her cycle. see associated links

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Q: Can a woman get pregnant 5 days after her period?
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3 to 5 days before period possible to get pregnant?

It is not likely that a woman would get pregnant 3-5 days prior to her menstrual period.

Can women get pregnant during her period?

Yes, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant on her period. Remember, sperm can live for 3-5 days in the woman.

Can a woman become pregnant five days before her period?

If your cycle is regular, no you will not be ovulating 5 days before your period is due so no pregnancy is possible.

Can you get pregnant 5 days before your period and still get your period?

If you are pregnant you are unlikely to get your period.

If your normal days of period is 5 days and it only come for 3 days are you pregnant?

No, this does not mean that you are pregnant at all. Pregnant women do not have normally there period when they are pregnant!

Can you get pregnant 4-5 days after your period if it lasted 5 days?

yes it is possible to get pregnant 5 days after your period because your new cycle has already started

Can a girl get pregnant 5 days after her period?

She can conceive 5 days after her period, yes - in theory this would be one of the most fertile days of her cycle. During the typical 28 day cycle a woman would ovulate around day 14 and be fertile from day 7, thus 5 days after her period she may conceive and in turn fall pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant within a week of her period stopping?

Sometimes because sperm can live for 5 days, waiting for ovulation.

How easy is it to get pregnant on your period?

Yes you can get pregnant during your period, but your chances of getting pregnant during your period are slim. The best time for a woman to get pregnant is around the middle of her cycle, close to ovulation. For the average woman this is around cycle day 12 to 16. However, it is possible to get pregnant during your period and there are several reasons why. Sperm can live for up to 5 days Normally sperm can survive inside a woman's body for around two to three days. However, under the best conditions, sperm can sometimes survive for as long as five days. So if a woman had unprotected sex during her period and then ovulated four or five days after she had sex, she could get pregnant.

If your period is only 4 to 5 days long can you get pregnant 2 days after your period?

yes you can

When can you find out if your pregnant?

5 days before you get your period.

Can you get pregnant 5 days befor your period?


Can you get pregnant 5 days after you finish your period?

Yes you can.

IF I am 5 days late on my period am I pregnant?

Could be

You start your period in 5 days if you take a pregnancy test now will it show if you am pregnant?

yes. and IF ur pregnant, u won't get ur period in 5 days.

What if my period was 5 days early and you had intercous the 2 days before can you still get pregnant?

No you can't get pregnant.

What day a woman cannot get pregnant?

When she isn't ovulating. # Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse # Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation # For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.

Can a woman ovulate 5 days after her period?


You are 5 days late on your period could you be pregnant?


Is there a way to get pregnant 5 days before your period?


Can you get pregnant 3-5 days after your period?


Can you be pregnant if your period lasts 3-5 days?

Yes you can b pregnant..........

Can a woman get pregnant 5-6 days after her period?

Yes, a woman can began ovulating during her last period so all sex should be protected at all times so you do not run the risk of pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant from intercourse 5 days before peak ovulation?

There is always a possibility of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex, even if the woman is on her period. It is just more likely during ovulation.

Can you get pregnant 5 days before or after a period?

Yes, you can get pregnant then. It all depends on when you ovulate (release an egg). If you do this 5 days before your period then it's more likely you'll get pregnant then. Yes you can. The egg is still attached. You can get pregnant anytime before your period starts, your period is the sign that your not pregnant. Your also probably safe from getting pregnant if you had sex a few days after your period has ended, the egg hasn't been attached yet. Yes - there is a very high chance of getting pregnant then