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No, a woman cannot get pregnant from sperm on her lips. Sperm would have to enter the uterus to come into contact with an egg to fertilize and create an embryo.

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No, just one sperm will do the job of getting her pregnant. However the more sperms the better your chances of her getting pregnant.

Yes, because it only takes one sperm to get pregnant

Yes, you can still have a child with a low sperm count, as long as it isn't zero. A low sperm count just means that you will have a harder time getting a woman pregnant.

A woman can get pregnant just minutes after intercourse. However, sperm can live inside a woman for up to 72 hours after intercourse

No, it does not have to actually go in, just the sperm does.

Yes, the reason she is taking birth control pills is to stop her from getting pregnant as a result of just that.

No if the sperm is on your leg or abbdomen you can not get pregnant but the sperm doesn't need to go in you all the way it just needs to get on the opening of your vagina

No, she can't. In order to get pregnant, both parties could be naked but the guy's penis has to insert the girl's vagina. He should ejaculate (cum/sperm) and the sperm will combine with the girl's egg. The first sperm to enter the egg is the baby. Henceforth, a woman getting pregnant.

Just putting a sperm may not work, as the sperm wil have to go in the vagina and meet the egg.

Just go to a doctor and ask. hormones can control the fertility of woman by fsh what stops a woman getting pregnant or oestrogen what helps a woman get pregnant. fsh can be found in the pills what women take and it stops them getting pregnant

No a girl cannot get pregnant by "being eaten out" To get a girl pregnant a male's sperm must go into to the Female's sexual reproductive organ In other words he must put sperm in your vagina to get you pregnant not just his tongue.

Nothing. She will digest it just as she would any other food.

You definitely need sperm to get pregnant. Just masturbating will NOT get you pregnant.

The man needs to create sperm and the women needs to create an egg. When intercourse happens, the egg and sperm meet, and implants in the uterus, resulting in pregnancy.

Well kind of. He can not use condoms which will release sperm into the vagina which can fertilize the egg. But there is nothing guaranteeing that she will get pregnant just because he ejaculates in her.

Pregnancy = egg + sperm. Eggs are from women, sperm is from men. Women can give women STDs though so don't think that just because you can't get pregnant doesn't mean you don't have to protect yourself!

That would be just about but not totaly imposible.While getting pregnant from this would be unlikely - if there is sperm in your vagina or uterus when you ovulate, you can get pregnant.

No, semen is just the transporter fluid, it's the sperm that gets you pregnant.

it is possible that the sperm could run out and down to the vaginal area. but it's unlikely. just take a htp and see how it goes.

No. Semen (sperm) has to actually get into the vagina.

Yes, we autistic women are just as capable of getting pregnant as neurotypical women.

You eat the sperm but nothing happens you just keep getting fatter and fatter as if you were pregnant but you never give birth

No, the leftover sperm eventually dies. The woman can not get pregnant. I don't know where they go, but it doesnt harm the woman in any way at all. Its just fine. :^)

No, you cannot get pregnant this way. There needs to be sperm involved. There would not be any sperm from just humping something.

If you mean sperm floating around in the pool, it would be exceedingly unlikely to get pregnant. If you mean having sex while in the pool, then it is just as likely to get pregnant as if you were in a bed. But it is important to remember, even if you have sex and then pull out and ejaculate into the water she can still get pregnant since pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) also has a small amount of sperm in it.

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