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Low possibility because the women is discharging and the fertilised ovum ( if should fertilisation taken placed ) is unlikely to attach to the wall of the uterus.

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Q: Can a woman get pregnant while menstruate?
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Is it possible for a woman to see her period and still pregnant?

No, clearly it's not possible for a woman to menstruate while pregnant.Menstruation is the process of the uterus lining shedding as a result of a woman not falling pregnant. A woman can bleed during pregnancy but she will not menstruate.

Does a woman Menstruate whiles Pregnant?


Could a girl be pregnant if she has a period and she stops and starts again?

No, it's biologically impossible for a woman to menstruate while she is pregnant - a woman will only menstruate if she doesn't get pregnant during the last cycle. A woman can bleed during pregnancy for various reasons but this is fairly rare, chances are if you're menstruating you're not pregnant.

Can a pregnant woman menstruate?

Yes they can, but it's a low percentage.

How often does a healthy woman menstruate?

Typically, a woman of childbearing age should menstruate every 28 days or so unless she is pregnant or moving into menopause.

Why most pregnant women don't menstruate?

Menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the uterus, which supports a fetus. When a woman is pregnant, she does not menstruate because she needs that lining to grow her child.

How long after your period you can know that you are preganat?

If you menstruate then you're not pregnant - it is possible to bleed while pregnant, but it is biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant. The very earliest you can tell when you're pregnant or not is 3 weeks after you had sex, via pregnancy test.

Can you be on your period throughout your pregnancy?

No, it is biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant.

Can your wife have a period while she is pregenant?

No, it is biologically impossible for a woman to menstruate while she is pregnant - menstruation only occurs after ovulation, which is prevented while a woman is already pregnant, and uterus lining shedding would result in miscarriage. A woman can experience vaginal bleeding while pregnant for other reasons, such as implantation bleeding or hormonal changes, if any woman is pregnant and experiences vaginal bleeding she should seek immediate medical attention as it may be that she is at risk of miscarriage.

Why do pregnant women not menstruate?

Menstruation is body getting rid of the egg. If the egg is fertilized, the woman is pregnant, the body will not get rid of it.

Can you have your period when you are two weeks pregnant?

No, you cannot menstruate while you are pregnant. Menstruation only occurs if you don't fall pregnant.

Do women still menstruate while pregnant?

i had mines while i was pregnant last year but i dont know if it could happen to anybody else

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