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Yes she can but it is a little dangerous, more painful, and harder to accomplish.

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A baby is a small adult that woman give birth to.

Can a woman give birth to a 19 lb baby vaginally?


Why does a woman give birth?

Maybe because they want a baby.

How many months does it take a women to give birth to a baby?

it takes 9 months for a woman to give birth to a child........

Can man become woman and give birth to baby?

Yes, its already happened.

After how many months does a woman give birth to a baby?

roughly nine months (:

Can a woman give birth to a baby horse?

No. the species are too far apart.

Can a Muslim man marry a woman when she pregnant?

Never!! she has to give birth to her baby first.

Why a woman knows she is about give birth when she her water break?

A women knows when her water breaks that she is about to give birth because the water that comes out the women is what protects the baby in the womb. Once the liquid is released the baby has nothing to protect it anymore. The women has to give birth...

What does eel give birth to?

Eel give birth to baby. a baby eel

Can a woman give birth when she is 3 months and a half pregnant?

No that would be a miscarriage. No baby will survive it that early.

What do you call a pregnant woman about to give birth?

You would call her a pregnant woman about to give birth.

Youngest women to give birth?

The youngest woman to give birth was named Lina Medina. She was just 5 years old when she got pregnant. She delivered a healthy baby boy. The father of the baby is still unknown.

Does vulture give birth to baby?

they give birth right!

Can a vampire give birth?

no in the book they can't but it has also in the book they can only have baby with a human woman and a vampire man

Is it a tradition that a Chinese woman don't take a bath after they give birth to a baby?

Yes. I know because I am Chinese.

What risk is there to the baby of a pregnant woman who contracts measles?

Women who contract the disease while pregnant may give birth to a baby with hearing impairment.

How does narwhal give birth to its baby?

Live birth; baby narwhals are hornless.

How do male peacocks give birth to baby peacocks?

Male Peacocks are unable to give birth to baby peacocks.

How does a birthmark appear?

you are born with it, i heard this myth that if a woman is pregnant and they get hurt some where like if they get scarred or something like that, when they give birth their baby will have a birth mark in the same spot the woman got injured.

When will a pregnant woman give birth?

If all goes to plan she will give birth forty weeks after she concieves. It is not always possible to predict for sure because the baby might come early or later.

What does your water broke mean?

When a woman is going into labor with her baby, her water breaks. That means that she's ready to give birth.

Can a woman with blood type B and a man with blood type A give birth to a baby with blood type O?


Can a woman with blood type B give birth to a baby with blood type AB if the father is blood type O?


How old was the oldest woman to give birth?

A woman is no longer fertile and able to give birth after the age of 65-70.