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You need to see a doctor a guy doesn't bleed when he is a virgin. That would be something wrong. The only way she can tell if you are a virgin is if you tell her.

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Q: Can a woman know a guys virgin when he bleeds?
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How can you know that your girlfriend is not virgin?

Have sex with her! If she has pain and bleeds (and she isn't on her period) she WAS a virgin! But not anymore. :P

Why is a virgin referred to as a cherry?

Answer When a woman or girl looses their virginity it is considered that you took her cherry as she bleeds if you break her hymen. That's the only way to know if she is really a virgin besides having her checked out by a doctor.

How to know whether a woman is virgin or not?

Ask her

How can you know if a woman is not virgin?

You will know if you ask or if she has kids. You can not know by looking at her.

Can anyone tell if a girl is virgin or not by examining her genitalia?

No, there is no way to know if a woman is a virgin by examination.

How can a woman prove that shes still a virgin?

all you have to do is say your a virgin if someone says that your not then say how would you know

Can a girl be virgin and not bleed?

Oh yes, not all bleed. And not all have their hymen intact due to sports etc or they have one that is very stretchy or were born without one. You know a woman is virgin by asking her, the same way as with men. It's a myth that all women have a hymen, that it always hurts or that everyone bleeds.

How you know that you a virgin?

I would just suppose that you know your own actions best. If a woman has had sexual intercourse with another man, then she is no longer a virgin. If a man has had sexual intercourse with another woman, then he is no longer a virgin. This is the most common interpretation of "virginity" of humans.

How would you know if a woman is still a virgin?

You wouldn't as there is no concrete way to tell.

Is there a sign to know that a guy is a virgin?

Other then asking him, no. There's no physical sign to show a guys virginity.

How can you know if a woman is a virgin?

Ask her. If you don't trust her answer, then perhaps you should not be having sex with her.

Can you use IVF if you are a virgin?

I can't think of any reason why not, as long as the woman has a uterus I can't see why she couldnt. Yes, I know a woman who was (and still is) a virgin who had IVF. She had a beautiful baby boy!!

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