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if he cums in her vagina, they are not wearing underwear. if sperm come into contact with a vagina, pregnancy is a possibility.

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Can you get pregnant if a boy is wearing underwear and your not?

If his sperm/semen comes in to contact with your vagina, you can get pregnant.

If a girl is wearing underwear but the guy is wearing nothing can the girl get pregnant?

Yes. Sperm can go through thin underwear and any time there is sperm in/around the vagina pregnancy can result.

Can you get a pregnant if you and your boyfriend wearing panties and underwear?

yes, you Could, it's unlikely, however the sperm could go through both panties and underwear and into the Vagina and get some one pregnant, again unlikely.

Can girl become pregnant if the sperm flowout from underwear and boy touch it from underwear and then he insert finger after 10 minutes in vagina of girl?

Yes. If he had semen on his finger he has also inserted semen into the vagina. There is a possibility of pregnancy.

Can a girl become pregnant when doing dry humping a wearing leggings?

If there is clothing or any fabric between a male's penis and a female's vagina, the sperm cannot get to the vagina. You cannot get pregnant.

Why does your vagina itch after wearing wet underwear?

The reason why is because your vagina is more sensitive than other girls but dont west wet underwear it will cause your vagina to smell like fish

Can you get pregnant if both people wearing underwear stomach has been a bit sore for a week?

The chances are zero , as the sperm cant enter your vagina through clothes.

Can you get pregnant if a guy is rubbing his penis in your vaginal area but you are not wearing underwear?

Yes. Any touching of yhe penis in the vagina can result in pregnancy even if there is no penetration.

Is it possible to get pregnant when the boy and the girl are wearing underwear but the penis rubs on the girl's vagina and the boy ejaculate?

The only way that would be possible is if the sperm entered into the vagina. If the underwear was moved away from the vagina at anytime that the boy ejaculated or after and the sperm entered, than yea, it is possible. If there is absolutely no way that the sperm entered the vagina, then the answer would be no. Your call, we were not there.

Can you be pregnant if a boy was touching your vagina and breasts but you had your clothes on?

Chances of becoming pregnantIf he was only touching you with something other than his penis you can not become pregnant. However, if he was touching you with his penis, and ejaculated and his ejaculation seeped through your clothing and underwear, then there is a chance that you could become pregnant. But you can not become pregnant unless his sperm comes in contact with your vagina. Good luck. if he look at you for a long time you will get pregnant

What if he had sperm on his fingers and came 2 inches from my underwear covered vagina?

Sperm can neither fly nor penetrate underwear, it has to actually be deposited in the vagina to make you pregnant.

If a girl is wearing underwear and a guy is wearing boxers and he pokes her in the vagina more than once can she get pregnant?

It is possible for sperm to go through the material, and it only takes one sperm. It isn't really likely, but it is possible.

Can a woman become pregnant if a man puts semen on her underwear?

No. Not only does the semen die quickly outside the body, it has no way to travel up into the vagina.

If a guy wearing condom and released liquid out from vagina so a girl can become pregnant or not?

Your description does not say what sort of liquid, but if it was sperm and it got into the vagina, then pregnancy is possible but not certain.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy has sperm on his underwear then the girl touches it with her vagina?

The answer is no. the male has to actually ejaculate inside of the female's vagina.

Can you get pregnat when your in your underwears?

It depends on which underwear you're wearing. If you only wearing your bra and had an unprotected sex. There is an 95% chance you'll get pregnant. If you mean to say you were wearing your panties on, then there no way for an actual penetration to happen. Thus no way for the sperm to swim through the cloth protecting your vagina.

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