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AnswerAt the least, the baby will probably be born with a narcoticaddiction of its' own and experience withdrawal symptoms after birth. Marijuana smoking by pregnant mothers has also been linked to low birth weight and smaller birth size, as well as an increased risk of attention disorders and learning problems later in life. Please do yourself and your baby a big favor and refrain from smoking pot while pregnant. AnswerPretty sure Marijuana is not a narcotic. Nor can you become physically addicted to, nor do you experience withdrawl symptoms.

(actually very sure. and proof that you do not become addicted'

Marijuana is not a narcotic and it is not harmful. Please do your research! For example google Melanie Dreher read the study or watch the video!

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Q: Can a woman who smokes pot during her entire pregnancy have a healthy baby?
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What effects are on babies when the mother smokes during pregnancy?

Don't do it. Did and my boys came out purple.

If a guy smokes marijuana and then gets a female pregnant does the unborn baby get effected?

No, the unborn baby is only in harms way if the mother, herself, smokes. Its also not good to be around people who smoke during a pregnancy.

Is it hard to get a positive pregnancy test with a guy sperm if he smoke a lot?

What is he smoking? If they are cigarettes then no. I have had 4 boys all healthy and my husband smokes so no, cigarettes have no effect to my knowledge

What can happen if you smoke weed during pregnancy?

All what can hAppen your baby will be A stoner like me my mom smoked weed at the time and still smokes weed

Who doesn't smoke on Jersey Shore?

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What is the definition fetal smoking syndrome?

A malformation complex affecting infants born to a woman who smokes one or more packs of cigarettes/day during pregnancy.

How can marijuana smoked by the father affect pregnancy?

It can't. Only of the mother smokes it.

If a man smokes marijuana while trying to conceive with his partner will it cause birth defects in the newborn?

The problems would be similar to a mother smoking marijuana during pregnancy.

Why does oxygen decrease in uterus during pregnancy?

If you are referring to oxygen getting to the fetus during pregnancy there are a few conditions that can cause oxygen levels to drop. An abrupture (tearing) of the placenta away from the uterine wall. When a woman gets past dates (going over 41 or 42 weeks) the placenta starts to degrade. A woman who smokes and/or uses illicit drugs during pregnancy can also cause the oxygen flow to be cut off.

Does Gerard way of MCR have a brain tumor?

no, he doesn't. he is completely healthy besides for the fact that he smokes.

Will a baby be healthy even if the mother smokes 5 cigarettes a day?

If a mother smokes while she is pregnant, it can cause birth defects. And smoking at all is very bad for you, much less 5.

What can happn during pregnancy if a woman smokes while pregnant?

some of the times when you are pregnant the smoking will go through and harm your baby by coming out being special need or even having problems breathing. As the pregnancy goes on the baby can or can not be effected. smoking while pregnant can cause problems for you and the child.

Does marijuana in sperm affect possible pregnancy?

I don't think it does. I have a friend who smokes it all day, everyday with her boyfriend, she conceived with no problem.

What is the chance of a girl getting pregnant if the guy smokes marijuana and wears a condum?

Weed does not protect anyone from pregnancy but it can make the guy fumble with the condom. If the condom is used correctly you have zero chance of pregnancy.

Is it safe to smoke if your pregnant?

Smoking during pregnancy is very dangerous for the fetus. While in the womb, the fetus is getting nutrients from its mother. When the mother smokes, she is exposing her baby to dangerous toxins. When you smoke during pregnancy you also stand a higher chance for your child to have medical problems such as premature, asthma, ear related illnesses. When smoking during pregnancy, your child has poorer lung function, and has a much higher chance of blood clots. Smoking during pregnancy also increases your chances of a miscarriage, and causes your child to have a higher chance of picking up smoking in his/her future. For more information, check out the multiple related links that have been attached.

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Can you be born with a high potency to alcohol?

If a mother drinks heavily during pregnancy, the foetus may be born alcohol dependent. Remember - everything a pregnant woman consumes will be passed on to her unborn child ! That includes everything she eats, drinks, smokes or injects !

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If the father smokes weed at time conception does it affect the baby?

I honestly don't think that would matter. That would not make a difference, but if it was the mother smoking during the pregnancy it would certainly affect the baby. Not during conception though. The father only shares the sperm, not blood. There's no way it would affect the baby.

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