Can a women tell how long a mans penis can get at first glance?


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No, you can't tell the size of an erect penis by looking at it when it is flaccid.

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The first casual and coincidental short glance is allowed per Islam religion. However, the second glance or long thoughtful and/or exciting glance is not allowed and is sinful per Quran and prophet Muhammad teachings.

A long thick hard long-lasting penis.

depends if shes a slut. If she loves you then it wont matter. (: Penis size matters a lot to women. A long thick penis exudes sexuality, strength and virility. A big penis is wonderful to see and great to hold, stroke, lick, kiss and suck. A thick penis adds to the friction on the clitoris and the g-spot. A long thick penis gives that feeling of fullness and being taken by a real man. If the first time a woman sees a particular man's penis and it is small, she will be very disappointed, but probably won't let on. If the first time she sees a particular man's penis, it is long and thick, she will be very pleased and excited.

penis head shapedpenis which is long and huge with big round head is what all women would prefer to...

Different women may have different preferences for penis shape and size. Most women who are sexually attracted to men are more interested in what a man does with a penis than in its shape and size.

The size in fact does not matter it is how you use it. Women might like a larger penis but there is no relation to how well you are in bed. The average penis is 5 in long. A large penis is anywhere above 6 but lying about it does not make women want to have sex with you more.

A curved penis can satisfy a woman as much as any other penis. As long as you can get it in, and can do your thing, then you can satisfy her. Girls are more satisfied by how you use your penis than the length or straightness of it.

a big long not tht hard one =D

My wife like seven inches long

As most people have an average length then that is probably the best size to be.

Everyone enjoys long penises. It doesn't matter how large or small you are, it will always feel great.

The penis can go as far as it is long, unless it reaches the rear wall, or cervix, where the vagina connects to the uterus. Contact with this area may be unpleasant or painful for the majority of women. The actual interior length will vary by individual.But not only the length of penis depends for the pain, the width of penis may also cause pain to the women.

There is no specified length that a penis should be in order to fit a woman. In fact, a woman's vagina adapts to accommodate the size of a man's penis.

Most of Indian women do not care about size. Some do 6 inch or more should be suffice.

It doesn't. Women don't love you for your penis, usually. Women love you for who you are. So walking up to a girl and whipping out your penis isn't very good for getting someone to LOVE you. It's good for getting someone to LIKE you, but not to LOVE you. Big difference.

A woman falls in love with you because of who you are not the penis size. We don't function that way. Just be good at it with what you have.

Exactly 0.4 seconds, any less and it isn't furtive, anymore and it isn't a glance.

yes you can it doesnt always matter about how long just how thick

Any size can do it as long as you know what to do. Women don't orgasm due to the size.

A normal lifespan, as long as the method of removal didn't damage other things. Eunuchs and women have lived just as long as anyone with one.

well first of all it depends on how long your penis is

There are pills and vitamins that claim to work but don't. There is a surgical operation that will enlarge it up to 3 inches but it is expensive and has recovery time. Honestly as long as a penis isn't extremely short most women will not care how long it is.

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