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Can a xbox 360 disc cleaner clean a xbox 360 game disc?


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Yes, the Xbox 360 disc cleaner is actually designed to clean an Xbox 360 game disc and to clean the game system.


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The best way you can clean a Xbox 360 game disc is to take a damp cloth and wipe the disc softly.

Gamestop will clean some xBox 360 game discs.

clean it with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Xbox or other video games can be a little tricky. You must be sure to use a clean soft cloth and gently wipe the disc so that you do not scratch the game.

My friend actually used a disc cleaner that I bought at a Block buster on his Halo disk that was completely un-usable and it worked perfectly after using it. Just make sure you follow instuctions

I dont think you can sorry

No. A normal computer will not recognize the format of a game disc for the Xbox 360.

It doesn't work because your disc either isn't clean or its your Xbox 360. To make sure its not your 360 put in another disc and then if it doesn't work then its your Xbox.

You do not unless you want to ruin the disc.

Some People Say you can put tooth paste on it and others say you can steam it i would put tooth paste on it. Also if you have several scratches on your disc just simply try putting alcohol on it. Preferably a strong one.

You need 2 restart your console and then go clean ur disc with a Nintendo DS screen cleaner that is really soft or go 2 your car and rub the disc on the top of the inside of your car!

my friend said you have to send it in to Microsoft if the disc is clean and lens are clean and it really works and if this not works buy a new one

On The Orange Box(Disc), or from the Xbox Live Game Marketplace as an arcade game.

buy disk cleaner from the store.

You can't the Game disc are not writable and the download must be to the Xbox 360 just like game updates are done.

Only if the game is downloaded from Xbox Live Game Marketplace. If you install a game with its disc it will play from the hard drive, but the disc is still needed for verification.

Well if u move ur xbox 360 while the game disc in inside the game may corrupt, disc damage and a affection to ur xbox.

It is to hard or risky to do it yourself. I suggest you go to a gamestop where they have a disc cleaner.

In order to play a game that you have downloaded and burned to disc on an xbox 360 you have to mod your xbox. If you mod your xbox and log on to xbox live you will be banned.

I assume you have a current game system, like a Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360. If you have one of those, and mean cleaning a disc, than the best way to clean the disc would be to either use canned air to blow air on the disc or to use a napkin/paper towel to wipe off dust from the disc. Do not, however, use water on the disc. That would possibly ruin the disc.

To clean an Xbox 360 game, use a soft cloth or take it to a gaming shop and they will repair for a small fee.

yes just damp a cloth or something and wipe it softly but if it a circle around the disc you're scrwed

Either the game you have is dirty or scratched, or your xbox 360 disc reader is broken

Installing an Xbox 360 to your HDD improves loading times, removes disc noise and overall creates a smoother gaming experience. But you still need the disc in the Xbox 360 Console to play the game.

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