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Yeast Infections as Symptoms of PregnancyYeast infections do commonly occur in pregnant women but they also occur in-non pregnant women. The reason it occurs in us is because of the high amounts of hormones and uncontrollable bacteria in the vaginal area. Definitely go to the doctor and discuss your concerns. If you infected with it, you could try herbal medicine "fuyan pill" from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic to cure it. It is very effective.

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  • Yes. Absolutely. My first pregnancy I found first suspected I was pregnant when I had a yeast infection. I used Monistat and it did not clear up after a week. I then read the back of the box which suggests this. If it lasts longer than 1 week it very well could mean that you are pregnant.
  • No. A yeast infection isn't a sign of pregnancy. Girls who aren't pregnant can get yeast infections too. Just because you have a yeast infection, that doesn't mean you are pregnant. Some symptoms of pregnancy are missed periods, nausea in the beginning of your pregnancy (you feel like you don't want to eat nothing because you feel sick), tiredness, and tenderness of the breast.

If you still couldn't tell it from your symptoms,, you could to do some relative tests.

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Q: Can a yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy?
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Is a yeast infection a sign of pregnancy?

Not at all.

Could a possible yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy?

How would a yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy? You treat a yeast infection with medication you can purchase at the drug store. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test. The signs of pregnancy are a missing period and positive pregnancy test.

Can a yeast infection be a sign of chlamydia?

Can. Yeast. Infection. Be. A. Sign. Of. Chlamydia

Is less mucus a sign of pregnancy?

No its a sign of a dry vagina. Usually caused by a yeast infection.

Is itchy breast a sign of pregnancy?

No. You may have a rash or yeast infection under the Breast.

Can a urinary tract infection be a sign of pregnancy?

Probably not . Probably just a routine UTI, or perhaps a yeast infection.

Is it an early sign of pregnancy when your pee burns?

I have had not herd of pee burning at early pregnancy you might have a yeast infection.

When you have vaginal mucus unlike the kind you experience when ovulating is this a sign of pregnancy?

this can be a possible infection or std such as a yeast infection, get checked by a doctor.

Is cervical pain a sign of early pregnancy?

Vaginal pain is usually a sign of a UTI or yeast infection or even a cyst. But it is possible it could be a sign of pregnancy but Im unsure about this one.

Is thick white cottage cheese mucus a sign of pregnancy?

No it is not a sign of pregnancy.. It can be a normal discharge or It can be from a yeast infection or an STD.. I suggest you call your doctor and make an appointment.

Can yeast infections be a sign of pregnancy?

Well, I just positive today and have had a yeast infection for the last three. I have had five pregnancies (2 ended in miscarriage) and every time I got a yeast infection just days before testing positive. Other than pregnancy I have had two infections, both at the end of taking antibiotics. However, for pregnancy, it is just a coincidence.On my first pregnancy, I had a yeast infection, I thought it was the reason I wasn't having my period. Well, my husband ask me if I could be pregnant. I kept telling him no just give it another day or two. Well, two weeks after my period was suppose to start we found out that we WERE PREGNANT. So, I would just say, if you think you might be, before you go to the store for some over the counter treatment, pick up a pregnancy test. You can never be too sure.When I was pregnant I read just about everything dealing with pregnancy and never read or heard anything like that. Have you taken any antibiotics? They almost always cause yeast infections.

If you get yeast infections can that mean you are pregnant?

Yes, both my pregnancy started as a Yeast Infection as my primary sign...I sustained my yeast infection for a whole 9 months with my last pregnacy! Good Luck!! Fingers crossed for you!

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