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No. HIV needs a host. It does not live long, outside the body.

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A virus can survive anywhere between several minutes to a week or more outside of the body.

HIV does not survive outside of the body.

Rabies virus does not survive outside the body for more than few seconds. But if an animal dies of rabies, the rabies virus may survive for up to two days in the body.

Aids depends on the right conditions to survive. it will not survive for long outside a live host.

Yes. It does survive. (While HIV virus does not.) In fact Hepatitis B virus can withstands boiling water temperature for about five minutes.

Viruses can't survive too long outside the host and need it alive in order for them to survive. Living beings provide the ideal environment for viruses to thrive, such as temperature etc.

Not very long. HIV does not do well outside the conditions of a live human. Exposure to air or temperature change will cause the virus to die. After a person's core body temperature has dropped HIV wouldn't live long at all.

The herpes virus is very fragile and dies quickly outside of a human body.

Rabies virus is very delicate virus. It is inactivated by desiccation and ultra-violate light. It is easily killed by high temperature, say 70 degree Celsius.

HIV does not live outside of the body once exposed to air.

It can only survive several minutes outside of the body.

Yes it can, but only for a shory period of time.

Hep B can live for up to a week outside the body.

Yes, because a virus can survive anywhere.

HIV virus can not survive in hot water.

Viruses are non-living and cannot survive outside of a living host for long, unlike bacteria.

HIV, unlike most viruses has to be within a host or culture at a temperature of 98.6 degrees give or take only a degree or two. Outside of the body, the virus dies within minutes without the temperature necessary for its survival. Its cell walls begin to deteriorate within minutes after leaving its host.Also, saliva contains only trace amounts of HIV viruses, and the chance of being infected from it is extremely low.

No.  AIDS is something everyone worries about, but it is not a tough virus.  It lives at normal body temperature and the virus dies very quickly when it is outside the body. It is almost impossible to get AIDS like that.  The virus just won't survive long enough on a pad wrapper to infect you.  

HIV does not survive well outside the body.It can be killed easily outside the body. If you have no open cuts or wounds on the area in which the fluid has come in contact with, simlpy deactivate the virus. Ways to kill the virus while it is outside the body are: * Heat * Hand soap * Hydrogen peroxide * Anything with 25% alcohol * Bleach * Lysol or any other disinfectant

It would be nearly impossible to get a cold sore from a telephone as the virus can't survive long outside of the body.

Scientific studies have found that HIV can sometimes survive in dried blood at room temperature for up to six days. Other sources claim that if the virus cools to "room temperature" it will become inactive. Another source states: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is fragile. (...) Even in a wet state, it does not live long when exposed to heat, detergents, or disinfectants. When stored in blood banks at 4°C, it can live for about 3 weeks (or longer), or till the white cells disintegrates, but in a frozen state it can survive for years.

virus can't live outside host cell

what do you mean by HIV the virus itself or what, be more specific, if you mean the virus, it will not survive.

HIV will not survive long outside the body; in most cases if the blood is completely dry, the virus is dead.

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