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No. Your height and body type depend on genetics. If your parents aren't tall, chances are you won't be either. There are always exceptions to the rule, but eating certain foods, exercising, stetching, etc. won't make you any taller. Wrong!! I grew 1 inch taller through stretching and hanging on a bar! Its hard work but it can be done. Alfalfa won't make you taller

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โˆ™ 2008-06-18 14:12:36
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Q: Can alfalfa help people get taller?
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Does stretching help people to grow taller?


Can grow taller pills help someone get taller?


Do taller people run faster than shorter do?

My best guess is that taller people will probably run faster than shorter people but it really depends on the surface their running on right?Im not that sure.Plz help me.

What are sports that help to grow taller?

Sport that involve jumping help you grow taller. For example, basketball.

Do people eat alfalfa?


Is swimming good for growing taller?

No. No exercise will help you grow taller.

Can you get taller without the use of pills?

Of course you can! You don't have to take a pill to help you get taller. Many people say that milk and lots of sleep help you get taller. I think those are true because I'm only ten and I do each and I'm almost taller than my mom my grandma my other grandma and my uncle and their much older than me.

Why are people taller now?

People are taller just because of the way our world is coming. The taller people tend to play sports, and there seems to be a lot of people playing sports.

Do shorter people have more energy then taller people?

yes,shorter people do have more energy then taller people.

What harm can alfalfa do?

people with the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) should not take any form of alfalfa.

Do worms help plants grow taller?

They don't help your plants grow taller, no. But things that do are: water and sun.

What kind of exercises help you grow taller?

There is no kind of excercise that helps you grow taller.

Do taller people have a greater lung capacity than shorter people?

Taller people have more lung capacity

Will creatine help you grow taller?


Does jogging help you grow taller?


Do people who eat more grow taller?

No people who eat more do NOT grow taller. People grow taller when they sleep more. We have hormones in our body which work when every other hormone's is asleep, so this means that we grow taller when we go to sleep.

Does fruits makes you taller?

Fruits can help you grow, but not necessarily make you taller than you already are. Being taller depends on genetics within your family.

If you skateboard does it make you taller?

Skateboarding will not make you taller. It might make you skinnier or help you lose weight, but if you are not still growing, you won't get any taller.

What nutrients help you grow taller?


Does fish oil help you grow taller?

No it doesn't. It helps with breaking down cholesterol in your body so it helps the heart, but it won't make you taller. Nothing will make you taller but a high heel and DNA. Your DNA determines how tall you will be.

Do taller people have a bigger vertical jump?

Not always. Sometimes taller people will have a bigger vertical jump, but not always.

Will horses eat alfalfa?

Yes. Horses often eat hay completely made of alfalfa or with alfalfa mixed in it. Horses also enjoy eating compressed pieces of alfalfa called alfalfa cubes.

Are books that say can help you grow taller acurate?

As with anything to do with the human body, the answer has to be 'partly'. People's bodies react differently.

Can taller people jump farther than fast people?

Yes, taller people can jump farther than fast people. They have the tendency to cross the distance.

Is alfalfa a monocot or a dicot?

Alfalfa is a dicot.