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To substitute all purpose flour for self rising flour, for each cup use 7/8 cup all-purpose flour plus 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

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Can self rising flour be substituted for all purpose flour?

yep just take out salt and baking powder/soda

Can self rising flour be a substitute for yeast?

No, Self raising flour can not be substituted for plain flour and yeast.

How can you tell if flour is self rising or all-purpose if it is not labeled?

How can I tell if flour is self-rising or all purpose? How can I tell if flour is self-rising or all purpose?

Can self rising flour be substituted for all purpose?

Yes. Just adjust the measurements of baking powder and/or salt to work with the amount that comes in the self-rising flour. Usually, the self-rising flour doesn't have enough baking powder for the normal cake recipes.

Is self rising flour and all purpose flour the same?

no, self rising flour has leavening agents in it. Usually baking soda. You can make self rising flour with all purpose or cake flour by adding 1 tsp baking powder to 2 cups flour.

Is all purpose flour the same as self-rising flour?

No. Self rising has baking powder in it and all purpose does not.

Can self rising flour be substituted in a recipe for flour?

yes. but dont put baking powder in.

Is self-rising flour same as all-purpose flour?

No. Self rising flour has baking soda and baking powder in as where All Purpose does not.

Can self rising flour be substituted for all purpose flour in chocolate chip cookies?

Yes. Just be sure to omit the baking soda, baking powder, and/or salt.

What can you substitute all purpose flour for?

Self-rising Flour

Can baking mix be substituted for self rising flour?

No it Can't Because the Self - Raising Flour Raises the cake or whatever you are making. So unless You Want a flat cake then.... Baking mix can not be substituted for self - raising flour. :)

The receipe calls for flour and baking powder - is that self rising flour or all purpose?

All purpose. If a recipe uses self-rising flour, it will say so.

Can you convert self rising flour into all purpose flour?

No, self-rising flour cannot be converted back into all-purpose flour. Salt and a leavening agent, usually baking powder, are added to regular flour to make self-rising flour, and cannot be removed by any practical method.

What should I do I need 2 cups all purpose flour and all I have is self rising flour?

Go to the store. In most recipes that call for all-purpose flour, you can't use self-rising flour.

Can you substitute self rising flour for all purpose flour?

Yes. Just be sure to omit the salt and baking soda/powder if using self-rising flour instead of all purpose.

How do all-purpose flour and self-rising flour differ?

Self rising flour is usually softer and has backing powder (soda?) added.

What is 9oz self raising flour?

9 ounces of self rising flour, as opposed to cake flour or all purpose flour.

Can self-rising flour be substituted for bisquick?

yes, Bisquik is a brand name self rising flour, with shortening added. If you substitute it using self rising flour add 1 tablespoon butter or oil for every cup of flour. Sounds like a lot of fat to me but that is the recommendation.

Can you use self rising flour instead of all purpose for pasta making?

No! self rising flour has additives in it. ( salt and a leavening agent)

Can you convert self-rising flour to plain flour?

Not really. Self-rising flour has baking powder and salt mixed in; it's not practical to separate it back out again.However, if a recipe calls for all-purpose flour and baking powder, you can use self-rising flour instead ... just leave out the baking powder (you should also reduce the salt used).

Can self rising flour be substituted in a recipe that calls for flour baking soda and salt?

Yes just omit the soda & salt.

Self-rising cake flour is it the same as cake flour or self-rising flour and can you use all purpose flour instead?

Cake flour is a finer grained powder than all purpose. Self rising means it already has the baking powder added. All purpose may be used for either, but you would have to add baking powder, and the end product would not be quite as delicate.

What is the difference between self raising flour and wholemeal self raising flour?

Self-rising flour consists of all-purpose flour with salt and leavening (baking powder and/or soda.) Wholemeal self-rising flour has whole meal (whole grain or whole wheat) flour instead of all-purpose white flour, along with the salt and leavenings.

How is self-raising flour different from ordinary flour?

Self-rising flour has baking soda, baking powder and salt added in. All-purpose flour does not have these ingredients, so you have to mix them in if the recipe calls for them. For recipes that call for all-purpose flour, and you are using self-rising flour, you can leave these ingredients out.

Is cake flour the same as self rising flour?

No, cake flour is different from self rising flour. Cake flour is ground finer than all purpose flour and gives a silkier more desirable finished product.

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