Can allergies cause sore gums

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Allergic reactions or Allergies can impact any part of the body. Sore, reddened gums can be commonplace with allergies. A prescription of Miracle Mouth can soothe and improve symptoms.

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Q: Can allergies cause sore gums
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Could you get cold sore from allergies?

Allergies can cause a cold sore outbreak.

Can allergies cause sore throats?

Yes; allergies can cause sore throats. However, viruses and bacterial infections are more likely the cause. Allergies most often cause throat constriction and trouble breathing.

Can pregnancy cause sore gums?

Yes it can. Go and see the dentist

What is the remedy for sore gums?

The remedy for sore gums is sucking on a lemon.

What conditon can cause sore joints and gums?

Sore joints and gums can be caused by many problems. This includes anemia, or low red blood cells, dehydration and even multiple sclerosis.

Can sore gums be a sign of pregnancy?


Is there any over the counter medicine for sore gums?

One of the best measures for sore gums is to swish with salt water.

What causes sore eyeballs?

Sore eyes can come from a few different things such as dry eyes, allergies and over straining your eyes. Contact lenses are known to cause dry eyes, making them itch and feel sore. Scratching your eyes, whether due to allergies or dry eyes can cause them to become sore, red and irritated. Staring at a computer screen or anything for a long period of time can also cause sore eyes.

What makes a cancer sore appear in your mouth?

Anything that irritates the gums can cause a cancre sore- for example if you get a shot from the dentist, it will turn into one where needle went through.

Can you get cold sores on your gums?

No it isn't possible to get them on your gums. If you do have some kind of sore on your gums it is most likely a mouth ulcer. =)

Can a sinus infection cause a bump on gum?

A sinus infection is unlikely to cause a bump on the gums. However, a bump may be caused by an abscess, a burn, or a canker sore.

What causes white spots on tongue with sore gums?


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