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Being radioactive and dangerous it is impossible to use americium for jewelry.

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Q: Can americium be used to make jewelry?
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Is americium use in medicine?

Americium is not used in medicine.

Why is americium in xrays?

Americium is not used in X-ray instruments.

Is americium used in bar code scanners?

Americium is not used in bar code scanners.

What element is used in Americium?

Americium is a chemical element. No other elements are use in it.

How do you make americium?

Americium is extracted from spent nuclear fuels where is formed by nuclear reactions.

How long has americium been used in smoke detectors?

Americium become to be largely used in smoke detectors after 1970.

What is americium tribromide used for?

Americium tribromide hasn't any important use now.

Where is Americium commonly used?

Americium-241 is a radioactive isotope commonly found in smoke detectors.

What was the element americium named after and where is it commonly used?

The name americium is derived from the name of the continent America. It is commonly used in smoke detectors.

What does americium do in smoke detectors?

Yes, americium is used as ionizing source in smoke detectors.

How is americium 241 used in smoke detectors?

Americium-241 being radioactive - emit alpha particles - is used as a source to ionization of air.

Which actinide is used in smoke alarms?