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Q: Can amoxicllin help poison oak
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Will bactroban cream help poison oak?

Bactroban cream can help poison oak and is sometimes prescribed to help heal the skin damage that comes from exposure to the poison oak. In most cases, poison oak will go away on its own.

Can you get poison oak from the oak tree?

No. Poison Oak is a different species than oak trees. Poison Oak is a shrub with leaves that look similar to an oak trees.

How many leaves does poison oak have?

poison oak has five leaves....i think

What are adaptations of poison oak?

those are poison

What is a difference of poison ivy and poison oak?

poison oak looks diffen then the other

Where is there a picture of poison oak?

The following picture is a poison oak. If no picture shows up then simply type 'poison oak' into google images

Can you use hydroxyzine for poison ivy?

It should neither help nor hurt. The problem with poison ivy/oak/sumac is not histiminic.

What happens when you put on poison oak cream on when you don't have poison oak?

nothing really

If a man has poison oak on his penis and has sex will the vagina also get poison oak?

Only if he has sex with a woman.

Is poison oak a bacteria or a virus?

Poison oak is a green plant, not a bacteria or virus.

Can poison oak grow from acorns?

No. Poison oak is not a tree, but a vine. Oak trees grow from acorns.

Does burning dead poison oak in wood stove put off a poison gas?

Burning poison oak (or poison ivy or poison sumac) can release the urushiol, which is the oily substance in poison oak that many (but not all) people have strong reactions to. Worse, the urushiol will be carried in the smoke from the fire, and it will get into the lungs of anyone who breathes in the smoke. If you think that having poison oak on your arms and legs is bad, just imagine having that poison oak reaction on the inside of your lungs.Bottom line: do not ever burn poison oak.

What is the medical condition caused by poison ivy and poison oak?

Poison ivy and poison oak are plants that cause an allergic skin reaction in most people who are exposed to them.

Which is worse poison ivy poison oak or poison sumac?


Which is the poisenous plant?

poison ivy, poison oak

What is the chemical in poison ivy poison oak and poison sumac called?


What can you do about poison ivy?

Most people use calamine but it doesn't really help. You should try tecnu which you should be able to get from the pharmacy. Tecnu removes poison ivy and poison oak oils.

What is a description of the poison oak plant?

Poison oak, which grows as a shrub, has leaves that are shaped like oak leaves and also grow in groups of three to a stem.

How can i get rid of poison ivy or oak?

Oh man! Poison Oak, Ivy, and Sumac are awful. Poison Ivy is bad, Poison Oak is worse, and Poison Sumac is awful. To get rid of Poison Ivy or Oak get a Steroid shot or cream (personally I prefer the cream). Spread the cream onto your rash 2-4 times a day and as many days as the Dr. prescribes. To get the cream or shot go to your doctors. I had a very, very bad case of Poison Oak and it worked amazingly well for me! I had almost instant relief. To get rid of the plant Poison Ivy or Oak get Poison Ivy or Oak killing spray! Good luck!

What are adaptations that help poison oak survive?

Obviously, the poison! To brush up against this plant, or to eat this plant will certainly help in the plants survival as the organism that has had an encounter with this plant will not want one in the future.

What does the plant poison oak look like?

Poison oak usually has five leaves and will sometimes have a redish tint to it, while poison ivy has three leaves and is green.

Will triamcinolone cream help dry up poison oak?

I tend to get more of a dry itch when I get poison oak, but it can last for weeks and pops up on different parts of the body. I have used Triamcinolone Acetnide cream and had very good results in terms of reducing inflammation and sooting the itch factor. It is as good as any other steroid cream I have tried in remedying poison oak.

Is poison oak contagious?


Is there poison oak in Michigan?


Are saunas bad for poison oak?

Sauna opens pores, so poison oak rash might get really painful in the sauna.