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Unless there are extenuating circumstances, yes, an eighteen year old can be required to leave.

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Q: Can an 18 year old child be kicked out of home?
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Can a 16 year old be kicked out of home?

Not legally.

Do you have to pay child support for a 17 year old child who leaves the home?

Do I have to pay child support to my 17 year old who willingly left home.

What happens if a 17yr old gets kicked out in Texas?

A 17 year old if kicked out from his home can already have his own place , get a job and be on his own as far as I know.

What would a 16 year old do if they where to be kicked out of their parents home?

Call 911 and report those who kicked you out for child abuse and neglect. As it is likely you did something to provoke such a response, you also might want to consider modifying your behavior.

Can an 18-year-old child be kicked out of his home in Washington state if they are still enrolled in high school?

ummmmm of coarse they can.. of you were to tell someone about thagt they would laugh... at u..

How do you get your 17 year old out of your home?

You can not kick your minor child out of his home, this is illegal.

What can you do if you know a parent that a mentally ill parent kicked out her 16 year old child in Pennsylvania?

Learn how to properly write.

How old does a child have to be before he can be kicked out?

The legal age is 18.

If a sixteen year old girl is kicked out of her house at the age of fourteen and has been living with her friends parents can the child get child support from her working father?


Can a 16 year old girl get kicked out of her home in Ontario and her parents have no responsibilities?

most people think not but if you stay in school they are required to pay you child support if they do not allow you to live in there home and if not you can go on student assistance which is a form of welfare

How old does a child have to be to take care of a 5 year old alone in MO?

The state of Missouri actually has no law regulating the age at which a child can be left alone at home, so you could leave your six year old child at home to watch your five year old child, and it would still be technically legal.

If a 16 year old gets kicked out and the parents say its okay for them to move in with another relative then they change there mind what can the 16 year old do In the state of PA?

If a 16 year old gets kicked out of his parents house, they can inform the police. Parents are not allowed to legally kick a minor out of the home.

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