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Not without parental consent since the age of majority is 19 in Alabama.

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Q: Can an 18 year old female in Alabama leave home and live with her grandparents?
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Can an 18 year old leave home in Alabama?

No, the age of majority is 19 in Alabama.

Would have chosen to leave your home to travel west?

Yes, I think I would have. My great grandparents did.

Can you leave home at the age of 18 in Alabama?

Yes, the age of majority is 18 in Alabama. They can move out and live where they wish.

How old does a female have to be to leave home in Oregon?


In Alabama can a 18 year old male leave home without permission and not go to jail?

In Alabama, an 18 year old male cannot leave home without permission and not go to jail. One has to be at least 19 years old to leave home without permission.

What age can a child legally leave home in Alabama?

At 18 without parental consent.

In Alabama what is the legal age to leave home with out the parents consent?

That age of majority, 18.

Where is the apostrophe in your grandparents home?

Referring to the home of your grandparents you would apostrophise the s - your grandparent's home.

Can 15 year olds leave the parents home in Alabama?

{| |- | No they cannot leave without permission. The age of majority in Alabama is 19. Until that age, the parents determine where the minor lives. |}

Can a 17 year old female leave home from Georgia to Alabama be made to return home against her will if she's not pregnant?

Yes, at 17 you are a minor and still under the junction of your parents. They are responsible for you. Pregnancy didn't have any thing to do with it.

What age can a child leave home in Alabama?

At any age if they have permission from the parents. Otherwise they have to stay until they are 19 years old in Alabama.

What is the age to leave home without parents permission in Alabama?

Without parental consent, 19yo.

What age can a teenager leave home in Alabama?

When they reach the age of majority. That is 18 in most places.

How long does a male dog leave home when female dog in heat?

until the female has giving birth

What well happen if a 17 year old leave home in alabama?

They could be returned to the home by the authorities. They may be taken to a shelter or foster home.

Is it illegal to leave your kids home alone for 2 months?

Not if you live in Alabama, Kentuky, Arkansas, or Mississippi.

At what age can a female leave home in Colorado?

The state's legal age of majority for both male and female is 18.

When should you capitalize grandparents?

Grandparents is capitalized when it is used as a propernoun like in a direct address.Example:Are you home, Grandparents?

Can a child at age 18 leave home to live with another adult relative in alabama?

The age of majority is 18 in Alabama. Yes, they can move out and live where they wish.

When was My Home's in Alabama created?

My Home's in Alabama was created in 1979.

Can a 18yr old male leave home without permission in Alabama?

I am sorry to say this but yes they can. they are an adult at that age.

What is the rights of a teen parent that is still living at home with their parents in Illinois?

A teen parent living at home with their parents has the right and responsibility to raise their child and not leave it up to the grandparents to do it.

Can a minor move out if their grandparents have guardianship?

No, a minor can not move out of their grandparents home if they have guardianship. The minor will have to live with the grandparents until their 18th birthday.

Can a female at 17 in the state of Illinois leave home without being forced back home?

In Chicago, if you leave home at age 17, the Police will not look for you because you are so close to being 18.

Can a 16-year-old female legally leave home and not be forced to return?

yes its if its by law