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Can an 18 year old leave home in Alabama?


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No, the age of majority is 19 in Alabama.


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In Alabama, an 18 year old male cannot leave home without permission and not go to jail. One has to be at least 19 years old to leave home without permission.

Not without parental consent since the age of majority is 19 in Alabama.

They could be returned to the home by the authorities. They may be taken to a shelter or foster home.

They would have to have parental permission. Another method would be to get a court order.

In the state of Alabama, can you leave a 9 year old and 16 year old alone. At early hours of 3:45 am , on a school day. And how late can they be left alone at pm time

No, a 17 year old teenager can not legally leave home in the state of Kansas. When the teen turns 18, they may leave the parents home.

At any age if they have permission from the parents. Otherwise they have to stay until they are 19 years old in Alabama.

Can you move out at age 16, without parents permition? can a 16year old leave home

The legal age of majority with the exception of four states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. Your parents can call the police and have you brought home if you just leave.

You can indeed ask you 18 year old child to leave your home. These individuals are legally adults that can take care of themselves.

Yes, a 17 year old in Texas is the legal age where the teen can leave his parents' home. Being forced out of the home would be legal as well.

I am sorry to say this but yes they can. they are an adult at that age.

No its not illegal. But dont leave her unless you have full trust in her.

it is if they know that they are supposed to be home

Yes, you can certainly let them live where you wish. You are still responsible for the child.

she is a bad mother :/ no one should leave there child at home expesially at 5 years old .

They can get their parents' permission to leave home. Or be removed by child protective serves.

Yes, if you are 18, you are legally aloud to do anything within the law.

You need to get a a judge to let you leave by court order.

in Canada it is legal to leave a 10 year old alone and a 12 year old is the age you have to be to babysit a younger person

Yes, at 17 you are a minor and still under the junction of your parents. They are responsible for you. Pregnancy didn't have any thing to do with it.

not that i know of. i think its considered babysitting?

what will happen if a seventeen year old peegnant girl leaves home without consent of parents

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