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Can an 18 year old with a full time job get a lease from a dealership for a new sports car?


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2015-07-15 18:37:57
2015-07-15 18:37:57

Most likely, no, but it all depends on the credit history. In order to get a lease on a new car one needs to have a pretty well established credit history. If you've had a credit card for a while and/or a cellphone and made paymens on time and in full and if you have a checking and saving (especially) account then you have a pretty good chance. Having a steady job does helps.

The best solution is to go to dealerships and ask, sometimes when they really need to get some business they will do lots of things they wouldn't normally do.

If that doesn't work, then the best solution is to save some money, get a certificate of deposit, then take out a secured loan against the CD and either open another account at a different bank with the money or use it for something. When the CD expires you repay the loan in full. This will give you enough credit to start by getting a better credit card and then a few more months you should have enough credit to get a car.


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A lease is kind of like a rental for a long period of time. You make a down-payment for the car that you would like (in this case, the Toyota Matrix) and then make monthly payments for a period of time (1,3, 5 years) and then return the car to the dealership after that period of time or buy out the lease.

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Linda Cohn was the first female full-time sports anchor. In 1987, she made history in sports casting when she was hired by ABC.

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Any Ford dealership will have lease specials, especially to first-time lessees. For up-to-date information you can visit the Ford website and locate lease specials. Aside from that it's best to ask your local Ford salesman.

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Yes, you can. When you lease a car you have the option of purchasing the vehicle at any time. When you go in to make a trade, the dealership will have to call the leasing company and get your payoff. Basically the dealership will pay the remaining balance of the lease and purchase the vehicle from the leasing company. It really depends on your situation, in a perfect world, the vehicle buyout would be the same as its trade in value but that is ususally not the case. If you have a closed end lease, you would be better off if you waited the lease out before purchasing a new vehicle. You may be fortunate enough to have vehicle that is worth more than the lease buy out amount. These days, there are a number of services which match people who are looking to lease cars with those who are looking to get out of a lease.

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