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Can an 18 yr old move out of home if they are still in school in Ohio?


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The educational background of a person does not limit them on where they can move to. Answer: Yes, they can still move out of the home.

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Yes. At 18, it doesn't matter if you are still in school, you can move out.

Can a child leave parents home when 18, although they are still in school.

That will depend on your location. Some states require you to finish high school first.

Legally 18 because in Ohio there is no emancipation. (I live in Ohio.)

At the age of sixteen in Ohio, a child can move out of the house and into a family member's home only with the permission of the parents. The parents are still responsible for the child until they are eighteen and may have to pay child support to the other family member.

If your 18 years old you can move out. Even if you are still in school, you can legally move out.

Yes, you can move out if your 18 andstill in high school, thats what i did, and as long as you have a mean of making money and finishingschool, prove your parents wrong that you dont need them to help you.

Anna Harrison was still at home in Ohio, when her husband , William Henry, died in office.

In the State of texas, when you are 17 you are legal to move out of your parents home. But your parents are still responsible for you going to school. It's a gray area still.

You can move out if you have permission from your parents. Otherwise, you will have to wait until you are an adult, which is 18.

In Kansas, an 18 year old can move out of her parents home. Even if she is still in school, when she turns 18 she is an adult.

i think that if you want to move out of your parents house and still keep your self in school you should be able to. i think that if you can keep your grades up and get your daploma, have a job and take care of your self you should have that right of moveing out. Plus it can help if you move out if you are in a bad situation at home.

Yes, you can legally move out at the age of 18. Even while still attending high school if you wish.

18 or after graduation whichever comes first. so if you turn 18 before you graduate then you can move out. or if you turn 18 after graduation then you can move out on graduation day.... Remember which ever comes first.

The state Compulsory Education law is 17, with no exceptions noted. Therefore an 18 years old would be able to leave the family home even though they are still attending school.

Yes but she has to keep in mind who is going to pay for her upkeep after she does.

They are legally allowed to move out, as they are adult "technically", but as far as the school is concerned the parents would still be legal guardians and need to sign any and all excuses.

At 18, you're considered an adult, whether in high school or not.

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