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you could possibly design a fix for it but it would be a lot of trouble. the American dryer has internal components that run off 110v and that 110v is available from the three wire 220v circuit in the typical usa residence. this is because of the third wire, the neutral. the Korean 220 would be 2 wire. you would have to go inside the dryer, add a 220/110 transformer and rewire the dryer so that the 110v loads come off that transformer. it would then no longer be ul listed and would have to be evaluated by the authority having jurisdiction in Korea and back here in the usa.

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Q: Can an American 240V dual phase dryer be converted to work in Korea with 240V single phase power?
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Is there an adapter for a gas dryer to electric?

No, a gas dryer uses gas, which cannot be converted into electricity with a simple adapter.

Where does the water go in the dryer?

The water is converted to water vapor and is carried out through the dryer vent by the air that flows through the machine.

Describe a case in which electrical energy is converted into thermal energy?

hair dryer, electrical energy enters the hair dryer and is converted to kinetic energy as a small motor spins a fan blade the electrical energy is converted to thermal by a grind of wires that heat up

What is the energy transformation of a clothes dryer?

Electrical energy is converted to heat in the heating element. It is also converted to magnetic energy in the motor, which is converted into mechanical energy (and turns the drum). If it is a gas dryer, chemical energy is turned to heat at the burner.

Can a dryer outlet be converted to 2 separate circuits?

If you are no longer using the dryer and there are 4-wires, and the dryer was 220 to 240 volts, it can be split into two 110 to 120 Volt circuits.

What is the energy conversion of a dryer?

Electrical energy is converted into thermal and kinetic energy.

What kind of energy is used in a hair dryer?

Electrical energy is converted into thermal and mechanical energy

Where can one purchase an electric hand dryer?

There are dedicated websites just for electric hand dryers such as Canadian Dryer and American Dryer where you can buy directly from them. Also Amazon sells a variety of hand dryer models.

How many volts does hair dryer use?

On the North American grid a hand hair dryer connects to 120 volts.

Before the introduction of the hair dryer in 1920 what common household appliance was promoted for its hair-drying ability?

The vacuum cleaner--which could be converted into a hair dryer by attaching a hose to the exhaust.

Can you convert a gas dryer 120V hookup to an electric dryer 240V hookup?

Chances are there is more than 1 outlet connected to the 110volt circuit you are looking to convert. So therefore the easy answer is No. The 240volt dryer circuit must be a dedicated single circuit for the dryer only.

What 3 types of the washing machine?

* Single washer * Double purpose * Washer with dryer

Can a gas dryer be converted to an electric one?

Who knows... The gas part is gas no electrical Dont try make this all lyrical

What kind of energy does a hair dryer use?

Electrical energy enters the hair dryer and is converted into kinrtic energy as a smallelectric motor spins a fan blade. Electrical enrgy is also converted into thermal energy in a grid of wires that heat up. The fan forces air across the hot wires , and hot air blows out of the nozzle of the hair dryer. You can hear the sound energy that comes out. In other words in is converted from Electrical energy -to- Kinetic energy and, Electrical energy -to- Thermal energy and, last but not least, Sound energy!

What are 2 examples of energy conversions in a hair dryer?

the electricity is converted into thermal energy used to dry your hair. the electricity is also converted into kinetic energy used by a fan to blow the warm air onto your hair.

What size breaker to use for a hand dryer its 120v 20amps?

Single pole 20 amp breaker.

Can you clean American girl doll clothes?

Yes by putting them in the wash machine and then the dryer

Can you convert a gas dryer to an electric dryer?

Sorry to say, a conversion like this would not be either cost effective nor practical. They are very different, you are talking about electric elements versus actual flames. There are venting and fire safety issues to consider. You may have heard of dryer conversion kits or of others that have converted a dryer. If you have, what they are referring to is converting a natural gas dryer to a propane dryer or a propane dryerto anatural gas dryer. This is a relatively simple process unlike what a conversion of gas to electric or vice versa would consist of.Two options:Sell the gas dryer and use whatever proceeds it makes towards the purchase of a new electric dryer.If there is gas anywhere in the house, contact a licensed plummer and get an estimate to run a gas line to the dryer location.

How do convert 210 volt clothes dryer to 120 volt?

In the USA, a 210 (really 220) volt clothes dryer is probably an electric unit, and requires more than the amount of energy to operate than can be supplied by a 120 volt circuit. It cannot be converted to 120 volt operation. A 210 (really 220) volt gas clothes dryer from Europe or another country with 220 volt mains can probably be converted, as the electrical requirement is mostly for the motor that turns the drum. On this dryer, the motor can possibly be replaced with a 120 volt unit, but and electronic controls would also have to be converted. OR it can be run on a step down (220 to 120 volt) transformer. It would probably be much more economical to just purchase a new unit.

What energy conversion happens when a hairdryer is used to dry your hair?

Electricity is converted partially in to heat by means of a heating element built in the dryer. Another part of electricity is converted to a circular motion of an electric motor with a fan, which forces the hot air out of the hairdryer.

Where was the dryer invented?

Hair dryer: U.S. Clothes dryer: France

Traveling on American Airlines can I bring a hair dryer and a hair straightener in my carryon?

yeah, i did that last December

Does a gas dryer run on 220?

North American household gas dryers run on 120 volts.

Can you dry shoes in the dryer?

I have dried my sneakers in my dryer, but my dryer is ment for heavy loads and the like, so it depends on your dryer and how many pairs of shoes you intend to dry in your dryer.

What is the function of the dryer?

what is the function of a dryer