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Can an American 240V dual phase dryer be converted to work in Korea with 240V single phase power?


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2011-09-12 14:55:33
2011-09-12 14:55:33

you could possibly design a fix for it but it would be a lot of trouble. the American dryer has internal components that run off 110v and that 110v is available from the three wire 220v circuit in the typical usa residence. this is because of the third wire, the neutral. the Korean 220 would be 2 wire. you would have to go inside the dryer, add a 220/110 transformer and rewire the dryer so that the 110v loads come off that transformer. it would then no longer be ul listed and would have to be evaluated by the authority having jurisdiction in Korea and back here in the usa.


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No, a gas dryer uses gas, which cannot be converted into electricity with a simple adapter.

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Electrical energy is converted to heat in the heating element. It is also converted to magnetic energy in the motor, which is converted into mechanical energy (and turns the drum). If it is a gas dryer, chemical energy is turned to heat at the burner.

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The water is converted to water vapor and is carried out through the dryer vent by the air that flows through the machine.

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hair dryer, electrical energy enters the hair dryer and is converted to kinetic energy as a small motor spins a fan blade the electrical energy is converted to thermal by a grind of wires that heat up

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If you are no longer using the dryer and there are 4-wires, and the dryer was 220 to 240 volts, it can be split into two 110 to 120 Volt circuits.

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