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Nope. Jump through the hoops and get that Fiancee visa. It is easier, and cheaper to get a Fiance visa to enter the US than to get married and apply for a permanent residence as a spouse of a US citizen.

AnswerSorry to disagree with upstairs answer but the answer is - YES! I am assumimg your ALREADY in the USA. In that case you can get married and then you can file for permanent residency as being married to a US Citizen like I did!

umm... YES!!!! loveyyDoveyss can f*** each other in the USA too!!!

^^^^^^^^Are you sure about that? And how did you get your belongings from Canada into the US??
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Q: Can an American and a Canadian get married in the United States without a fiancee visa?
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You are a Canadian citizen visiting US Do you need to return to Canada to marry a US Citizen?

If you are talking about getting married in Canada, then no paperwork is needed. In the US a fiancee's visa, which takes four months to get, is required.Answernope.. you can get married but you won't be able to work. I AM LEGALLY married to an American man and i am Canadian. I got married to him on a visit last fall... right now, however we are living apart dealing with some of our own issues as to where to live. You can be married but you may not be able to work. As a Canadian you can visit up to 181 days without losing your medical plan back in Canada. Think about all the old ladies that live in Canada during the summer, and Florida in the winter....... they can visit, they just can't work legally.

Can an American drive across Canadian border without passport?

As of June 1, 2009, an American cannot drive across the Canadian border without a passport. Prior to that date, all you needed was a birth certificate and driver's license.

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Without having served in the American military, you're not entitled to benefits from the American VA. Just the same as a US Army soldier wouldn't receive benefits from the Canadian government, since they served in a military foreign to Canada, rather than in the Canadian Forces.

Can a Canadian drive across the us border without a passport 2010?

Yes. A Canadian citizen can use an enhanced drivers license or EDL (ON, MB, BC, QU only) to cross the American border.

If a US green card holder marry a Canadian citizen will she become a Canadian citizen?

No. Assuming that there are no other legal impediments to your entering Canada, you could get into Canada. You could apply for permanent resident status - something you should do BEFORE you arrive in Canada. Being married to a Canadian citizen would probably be a big advantage. Getting Canadian citizenship is a whole other process. Before you can apply, you have to have lived in Canada for three years without interruption or, in some cases, for three of the last four years. If you meet all of the requirements, THEN you can become a Canadian citizen. Being married to a Canadian will help with that. But marrying a Canadian will NOT automatically make you a Canadian citizen.

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Can a woman married in the philippines marry an american in the US without disoloving her filipino marriage first?

No, you can only be legally married to one person at a time, regardless of where you live.

If you are legally married can the husband buy a home without his wife's signature in Wisconsin US?

I am Scottish and married an American. We were married in Scotland and now we have split up. He had a property in Chicago and has now bought another property in St. Germain, Wisconsin. Is he allowed to do this without my signature and what rights do I have if I divorce him.

Where can a Canadian travel without a passport?

As of Jun.01.2009, there are no countries you can go without a passport as a Canadian citizen. Canadian Citizens can go to the Dominican Republic without a passport as long as they have their birth certificate or proof of Canadian citizenship along with a valid photo I.D. and also as long as they are not to transit the U.S.

Can a illegal Mexican married to an American get his green card without being deported?

yes but it takes lots of time and money

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Is it legal to have a Canadian Bank account without being Canadian?

Canadian banks require that you visit the bank there in order to open an account

What documents do you need to travel to Mexico if you are not US citizen?

Canadian, American and European citizens can enter Mexico without additional requirements other than their passports.

Do British citizens need a visa to enter Mexico?

No. Canadian, American and European citizens can enter Mexico without additional requirements other than their passports.

Is a visa needed for US citizen to enter Mexico?

Canadian, American and European citizens can enter Mexico without additional requirements other than their passports.

What countries can an American passport holder go to without a visa that a Canadian passport holder cannot?

Americans can go to 174 countries and Canadians 173, but what are the differences?

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You have to be 18 to get married without your parents consent...

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No, you cannot legally get married without a license.

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Can a Canadian American citizen vote in the presidential election?

Yes. Any American citizen who is 18 or older can vote without regard to his place of birth. (There are a few people who have been barred from voting due to criminal conviction.)