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Can an STD cause a swollen testicle?

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gonorrhea- must get meds

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Will prostate cancer cause a swollen testicle?

No, that would not be a typical symptom.

What can cause a swollen testicle after treatment for chlamydia?

You may be experiencing a complication of chlamydia, or there may be some other cause. A swollen testicle always deserves an exam. Please call your health care provider today.

Can gonorrhea cause swollen lymph nodes?

Gonorrhea typically does not cause swollen lymph nodes. But whether your nodes are swollen or not, you should get tested if you believe you may have an STD.

Does your right testicle drop down when you have an std?


Can an STD cause a red swollen dot inside your mouth?

It may or may not be; it's best if you consult with a doctor.

What happens if one testicle is swollen and in pain?

If one testicle is swollen and in pain, it's important that you seek medical care urgently. Call your health care provider and, if s/he is not avialable, go to the emergency department.

You have an adult dog and his testicle are swollen what is this?

Take the dog to a vet, they could tell you.

Why does your testicle itch?

they itch because you have a an std , don't bathe , or have crabs check your self

What could cause soreness in one testicle?

Normally getting kicked in said testicle could cause soreness.

Can an STD cause kidney stones?

A STD will not cause kidney stones.

Can you get an STD from dry kissing?

It will not cause a STD.

Right testicle is swollen and hurts?

If you haven't done something to it that you know of, go to a doctor and find out.

Your cervix is red and swollen could that be a STD?

Yes - see doctor immediately

Can a STD cause your period to look different?

A STD will not cause period to look different.

Can an STD cause yellow discharge and odor?

A STD can cause a yellow smelly discharge.

Left testicle is swollen and hurts?

Priority: Book GP appointment It may just be a cyst in the epydidymus.

How much pressure do you need to break a testicle?

You probably have too twist and do alot of stuff to it, but, it will get swollen up.

Can an STD cause acne?

Acne has nothing to do with the STD. So it is not the symptom of any STD.Acne is not a symptom for STD.Yes the skin can be dried out and cause an irritation in that area if infected

Can an STD cause lower back pain?

An STD can indeed cause lower back pain. The most common STD known to cause lower back pain is Chlamydia.

Can an STD cause testicular pain?

Your testicles can hurt if you have a STD.

Can urinating in a womans vagina cause a STD?

Urinating in a woman's vagina won't cause a STD, but it likely will cause an infection.

Can semen cause the pink eye if they have an STD?

An STD doesn't necessarily cause pink eye. STD & pink eye are two different conditions. So the answer is NO

What causes a swollen lymph node?

There are many things that can cause a swollen lymph node. Infection is the most common cause for a swollen lymph node.

If have a slight pain in your right testicle and your girl has abnormal bleeding what could it be?

some weird unheard of STD. Get that thinmg checked.

Could chlamydia cause swollen glands if left untreated for years?

Chlamydia does not cause swollen glands.